Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Supersize It!

Tipping the scales in today's Horoscope is Libra! This is one of those signs that keeps popping up in my life (no puns intended). More often than not when I'm really getting along with someone new I find out they're a Libra. Perhaps it's the level headedness and ability to veiw things from more than one side. I don't mean to play favourites so I'll just say some of the nicest guys I know are Libras.

I also get along well with Scorpio and Cancer...and, surprisingly, other Leos.



François said...

That's a really fun idea.

Those violet shoes are extremely tacky, though :)

Paul Conrad said...

Very nice J., Glad to see a new post!


zpeedy said...

So funny how much can be said in an image.

The overdeveloped carhop.

The perfect little cap. The well kept jeans and uniform. Even the t-shirt and the little writing pad.

And he looks as if there isn't any job he would rather be doing.

Such an uncomplicated little character. Which of course makes him very complicated.

j. said...

Francois - I completely agree with your assessment of his skates! :)I can almost imagine them being made of velvet! Or fun fur!

Paul - Thanks! It's been busy here but I try to keep on top of updating.

Zpeedy - I love hearing that someone sees more in the image than just surface. Many thanks!


Claudia Davila (Fran) said...

Hey, J!

Whew, thank goodness I'm a Cancer : ) This guy is too great. They say a balanced life is a (insert favourite indulgence here) in each hand.

I'm very curious to see how you illustrate Leo and Aries...!

HvH said...

Love your work. You got yourself a fan :)


j. said...

Frannie - For Leo and Aries see "King of the Jungle" and "Viking!Hammer!". I can think of a few favourite indulgences to hold in my hands...and I'll leave it at that! ;) (Yes, I'm thinking dirty thoughts...)

HVH - Thanks, man. I hopped over to your blog and love your work as well. I hope you don't mind if I add you to my links column! Can't wait to see your portfolio from Class comis!


iván said...

Wow...i really didnt know your work...i found you in boytoons (Patrick fillion) links...I love your work and style...its fantastic. Its like classic cartoon and modern at the same time...
I wish to put a link in my blog and in my site (im an artits too)

RUBOART said...