Monday, March 17, 2008

Finally, Gemini!

I was reminded that I had not yet put up the final Zodiac Pin-up! So here he is, for those of you born mid May to mid June. You are masculine and attention loving which can lead to vanity. Your restless and impulsive nature make you lots of fun on road trips (or really annoying if you happen to be traveling with an uptight person).

I'm gonna have the whole set of signs up at Cafe Press as t-shirts very soon! I'll let you all know when I get that sorted out.



Unknown said...

J, definitely another amazing piece to end the series! Love the way you illustrated the different sides of the Gemini personality. Look forward to seeing the tee too. Kudos on the Wonder Woman story as well.

Fran├žois said...

Oh, that's cute!
I love the retro sci-fi stuff you're using.

Andy said...

I like how each figure compliments the other. It's really cute and fun.
Can't wait for news on the cafe press shop! :))

James Figueiredo said...

Beautiful piece, J.
Love the figure work and the color scheme you used. Maybe you could turn them into prints, as well, or into a poster with all of the zodiac signs?

J. (another one)

j. said...

Carlos - Thanks, man. And thanks for the kudos on the Wonder Woman story as well...overall the reviews for that have been positive, which makes me happy. Only one bad review so far. The guy didn't like my art. :)

Francois - Retro sci-fi is one of my favourite themes. I blame all the B-movies I watched as a kid.

Andy - Thanks. Cafe Press should be up and running soon.

James - A poster would definitely be a fun idea. Most likely I'll put all the Zodiacs together in a book with sketches. I think that'd be cool to have a book.


Nickel said...

I'd buy that book, J! And I agree with the rest: Gemini here is a great finish. (That zipper on his spacesuit keeps drawing my eye to his discreet bulge, though. Not a flaw, just an observation. I don't mind a bit.)

And hey -- I loved your art in the WW story! Fun to see you drawing Canary, too. Don't tell Darwyn, but I think he worked a little harder on the scripts that he drew. ;-)

Joel said...

I love retro Sci fi this is a great piece!

Nickel said...
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Nickel said...

I got to thinking about what I posted above. What I meant was that Darwyn might have chosen to draw the slightly better scripts among the set . . . not that Darwyn somehow worked harder than J.

Guess I should work harder myself -- at being clear, and not being critical.

Bleah. It was a great issue. I shoulda just stopped with that.