Thursday, September 04, 2008

Guy a Day! Still in July!

Oh brother...we're already into September and I'm still catching up on July's Guy a Day. That's pathetic. What can I say...I get distracted easily. I bought "The Big Penis Book" and have been thoroughly pouring over the articles. So far one of my favourite articles is on page 54...just goes to show the old "self portrait in front of mirror" is as old as hats.
Firstly, I must point out that the above fantasy is at least eighteen years old. In high school my locker was just down the hall from one of the jocks who hit puberty early (I'm pretty sure this guy had a full beard by grade ten). He'd been in a few school plays showing off chest hair and that, along with his overall huskiness, made me madly in love with him. If he wasn't at his locker in the morning I'd linger a little longer until he showed up. He was only a year older than me but looked a whole lot older. I was a late bloomer :)

I should add up how many guys I've drawn with body hair and how many without. Take some statistics on my guys and see how it all averages out.


musclsvg said...

Three for three. All of these drawings are great. Which is no suprize. Body hair can make a hot physique even hotter.* The patterns created by the hair can highlight specific features and lead your eye. Who hasn't been fascinated by the meaty nubs of two nipples emerging from the mat of hair covering a set of great pecs? Or, a trail disappearing behind a denim waistband or speedo drawsting? I'm curious. Did your inspiration for the third drawing come from this photo?
Both your drawing and the photo are incredible.

Which is probably why so many consider Mike Henry the best Tarzan.

j. said...

Musclsvg - Inspiration for the third drawing came from something I was watching on tv...but for the life of me I can't remember what it was. That Flickr picture is a dude from Randy Blue, isn't it?
Totally agree with you on body hair. I love catching a guy stretching when his shirt rides up just enough to give a glimpse of tummy hair.

And lucky you to have seen Mike Henry in the flesh. He's really quite incredible.


Aman Chaudhary said...

You should do a comic about your high school crush and make that the cover! Awesome! :)

Writer said...

These guys are hotties. Can you make real ones and send them my way?? ;)

Javier said...

Yea Vintage guy :)
Very Steve Reeves-ish.

Love the little J Bone character in the high school pic. So seriously intent on the tiny hint of bare flesh.

j. said...

Aman - It'd be like the Archie's but with Dilton (me) as the star :)
...if Dilton had a crush on Moose.

Writer - Don't I wish. I'd be happy with my own toy line for now. At least until technology is able to create a series of robots based on my ideal man :)

Javier - It's all about that glimpse of stomach. With vintage photographs there's always something so much more sweet and innocent in the look of the men. And Steve Reeves is pretty much my favourite Hercules. Whatta dreamboat.