Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Guy a Day!

A little theme begins with August 7th's image...the previous sketches of facial hair inspired me to take a look at chest hair. Above is "The Superman". I had a roomate in college who had a perfectly shaped Superman "S" symbol of hair. Totally untrimmed, naturally pentagrammical (five-sided). This type of chest hair is misleading when seen shirted. The tufts peeking over a neckline, or out of an un-buttoned dress shirt suggest a full torso of hair. The reality: what you see is all you get.

The "T-Bird"! So named because the growth of hair forms a capital letter "T". Hair may be sparse around the nipples and thin out as it heads south but it definitely connects with lower stomach hair as it enters the pants line.
Definitely more to come :) And please feel free to suggest alternative names for the various styles of chest hair. These are simply my names for them.
And speaking of chest hair, Happy Birthday* to RJ Danvers . Clicking the link takes you to the very cute young fella's totally not safe for work blog. He's a comics fan which is totally how I know about him and is my only interest in him, this I swear.
*Belated Birthday, really. This should have been monday's post but Monday was Thanksgiving Holiday here in Canada and I was out eating a large dinner with my family. Gobble, gobble. One of us!


musclsvg said...
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musclsvg said...

I'm surprised to be the first to comment on such a great idea. If the third drawing is Superman, then the fourth is Uberman. Very hot. What is greater than seeing a pair of nipples poking through a well forested set of pecs. The capper for me is when the hair grows into a trail across the abs. It leads your eye downward as it disappears behind a belt or denim waistband and makes you wonder about what's lurking in the hidden undergrowth. I guess you could call this the "Hooded Cobra", because it makes you curious about "the snake in the basket" I was interested to see wet/dry body shavers displayed on the aisle cap as I walked through Target the other day. Has manscaping become that commonplace? Hey, if you've got it grow it. It's hot to see a guy getting out of the water with his hair clinging to his chest. It can give his body a different kind of definition. Like the graining on a piece of wood. Which can have an effect on other wood.

Javier said...

So what does RBC stand for?

I was going to ask for a shirtless Superman, which you sort of came up with :) (although Christopher Reeve drawing would be great. Maybe a take off of some of those nude Wonder Women wrapped up in Superman's cape.)

But T-Bird is one of the better GAD creations. The little smirk with the touseled hair. But its fairly obvious that he isn't lying on his own bed. He doesn't seem the type to have all those pillows and a headboard swag.

j. said...

Musclsvg - I can tell we share the same admiration of the hairy chest :) My feeling on manscaping is that it's so much more trouble than it's worth. A stubbly chest is really just unpleasant to touch. Isn't a soft blanket so much more enjoyable than a sheet of sandpaper?

Javier - RBC is the Royal Bank of Canada, which is where I saw Mr.RBC. We chatted about my dog, an american staffordshire, and I got to admire the cut of his t-shirt.
My mom had a huge crush on Christopher Reeve and used to watch "Somewhere in Time" frequently. Chris has an open shirt scene in that movie which used to thrill my teenage brain...here was Superman nearly shirtless.

I'll see what I can do to meet your request :)
You've also got me thinking that I should illustrate some scenes put together by you guys. You've all at one time or another suggested stories based on my drawings, I think we should reverse it and I'll draw what you write.


Aubrey Longley-Cook said...

wow, your superman sketch is really hot. great definition of the muscles and perfect amount of chest hair. nice!