Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Win!

A few weeks ago I came across (pause for pun to sink in) the blog of the amazing Colby Keller. Some of you may know of Colby from his films with Randy Blue and other films for grown-ups -- but how many knew that he is a lover of the arts and himself an artist? I sure didn't. But I quickly pored over his blog, reading every single post. I love his enjoyment of the arts. He's got a sense of humor about art and gallery space which the elite may pooh-pooh, but which I embrace! I love cracking wise at galleries especially when I think the art/artist is taking things too seriously (my perception. They may very well be laughing right along with me -- especially if they acquired a tremendous grant from the government for their piece entitled "Pool of Vodka").

I found Colby's blog just in time to enter an ART CONTEST! Yes, I was running late on a deadline and had much work to get done, but I really wanted to enter! And enter I did: With the Colby Keller paper doll with fashion accessories. I'm absolutely thrilled to be the first winner as selected by the Man himself! I believe Mr. Keller is selecting his top three choices and then will open up voting to his blog readers in the selection of remaining winners.

Visit Colby's blog and check out his art! Check out his cute butt! And be sure to print out your very own Colby Keller paper doll to dress and undress as you please (sorry, no nude variant -- you guys know my policy by now :)

Warmest regards,


musclsvg said...

Geez! Where do I start? You're right Colby Keller, and his blog, are real finds. It's cool to see the day to day of someone who works in porn. Colby is hot, but not always "camera ready". Like the rest of us he has a real life. He's also got a great speaking voice as heard when he interviews John Magnum and his cock.

The paper doll is a home run Bone! Is it just me, or have you included more fashion alternatives than some of your previous offerings? The green and orange workout gear is great! I like wearing the same color combination. Makes me feel a little like Aquaman. I wish! The fuller beard alternative is a cool idea. A clean shaven version would have been great too. Keller is equally hot without his facial hair. I respect your position on no full frontal on the blog, but with a body as smokin' as Colby's couldn't you have taken him down to a brief swimmer's jock or posing strap? I know Colby's alter ego has a lot of wardrobe choices, but the only thing that suceeds more that excess is an extreme state of undress.

Great job! I've got to go slap Colby's "double bi" on some foam core and get to work with my Exacto Knife.

Kyle Hunter said...

haha i love the short shorts, with the bulge. Funny stuff.
Great job!

Dene said...

I have SUCH a huge crush on this guy-!!! He's very swarthy and has a Kings of Leon sexiness goin' on-!!! Congrats on the win-!!!

j. said...

Musclsvg - It's probable there are more clothing alternatives. There is a definite similarity in choices. Jeans, white tank top, Adidas sneakers -- all appeared previously on the Logan paper doll. Shows my own taste, perhaps, more so than anything the real Colby might wear (although I specifically remember seeing a picture of him in a brown top and thought the color suited him).

The underwear is also more my preference than True Colby gear. I realized after that the "naked" doll really should have been wearing a jock.

Oh, and I'm not sure but I think the video interview with John Magnum is actually conducted by Jasun from Gay Daily Hot.

Kyle - Thanks. Short shorts are funny!

Dene - Thank you. He's definitely crush-worthy.


Kerainen said...

Lovely! 8D

Mckenzie James said...

This is amazing.

You kinda just gave me a really cool idea for something.

I love your drawing style ... more than I love Colby!



j. said...

Kerainen - Thanks!

Mckenzie James - Awesome! Glad I could help ;)


buff said...

Mega hairy muscle hugs of Congratulations on the win. Very well deserved.