Thursday, March 25, 2010

Leather You Like It Or Not!

I'm a member of the RetroMen Yahoo Group and lately I've been going through my picture files, sketching as I go. I may just as well confess it -- I've saved a lot of leatherman images.

There is no need for me to clarify or explain myself. I'm a grown man. I like what I like. BUT -- in my closet you will find no leather gear. No harnesses, leather pants, chaps, biker caps/hats, wristbands...not even a single pair of leather boots (with the exception of one pair of black leather dress shoes). That is to say, I am not in the leather scene myself. I just like drawing the fashion.
It's also a place in the community where one still finds the hyper masculine ideal which inspires a lot of my Beefcake artwork. For my money no one did it better than Tom of Finland (obviously). Which is why, when I attempt it, I tend to cartoonify the image a little or use it as an accessory (like Jett Vector's harness, boots and gloves).

Leathermen also remind me of He-Man toys of which I was a huge fan as a kid (and still am today).


Jason said...

I like the clean-shaven face in the first sketch...the curved upper lip and hat over the eyes makes him look a bit like Andy Capp! (Er, a hot Andy Capp, mind you.)

Javier said...

Andy Capp?
That made me think of Al Capp. Have you ever done a Lil Abner. He (and Daisy) seem like naturals for the J-Bone treatment.

j. said...

Jason - I, too, thought of Andy Capp. My dad has a collection of Andy Capp reprints which I used to read regularly. In fact -- there used to be a cigarette floating in front of the guys mouth much like the cigarette Andy had permanently stuck to his lip.

Javier - I've never drawn Dogpatch's finest specimens. I've certainly been influenced by the boots and women seen in Lil Abner. And I LOVE the musical starring Peter Palmer (so gorgeous was he). The cast, costumes and sets of that movie are spectacular!


Javier said...

I was actually in a production of Lil Abner directed by Peter Palmer back in 1980. :)

j. said...

Javier - I imagine that was fun. Both being in a production of Lil Abner and working under Peter Palmer! Woo!


musclsvg said...

What guy hasn't put on a leather jacket and felt a little rougher and dangerous? These are two great sketches and the second one exhibits the strong synergy between denim and leather. Great ass on the guy!

I remember discovering Al Capp and thinking how well he drew Abner as well as other studs. Years later I found out that Frank Frazetta used to "ghost" for him which might explain why. The movie is great with offbeat satirical humor and songs. The scene that stands out for me though is when the effects of the Yokum Berry Juice are revealed. Formerly scragly hillbillies are paraded out and each one has been transformed into a bronzed, speedoed, muscle god. Of course it helps when you've got the likes of Gordon Mitchell and Irvin "Zabo" Koszewski as extras. The results of the experiment are so astounding that the only way to identify the subjects is by what's embroidered across their now buns of steel. It was very funny to see these studs turn around and have names like Zeke and Clem emblazoned in cartoon fonts on their butts. The only "drawback" was that each of these phenominal specimens had no interest in the opposite sex. That's where the movie lost me. How is that a problem?

Andy said...

These are great! I esp. love the 70's look: hair grown out a bit, bushy facial hair, tight jeans. Not a fan of the polyester tho.

It's funny, but now it seems the stache is back in vogue again. I've even seen quite a few men in NYC area rockin the mustache with pointy ends curled up. I think it's adorable, but ridiculous at the same time. got to have guts to wear that I think.

I have to agree I'm a fan of the leather. I don't own any chaps, jackets, etc. but I do like the look. In reality, I'm more of a "T-shirt and jeans" guy. ;)

buff said...

Bring on the hairy leather men with their Muir caps, leather chaps with their bare butts, and tall Dahner boots. WOOOF