Monday, April 12, 2010

Feeling Peckish!

I'm a chest man. I could wax poetic about chests -- I just don't want to WAX the chest! :) Happily the natural look is back (along with some horrible, horrible 80's fashions but such is the toll of fashion). Men are keeping their chests natural and it's nearly always the first thing I'll notice about a man.
Though the drawing above is mostly about the chest I also love the way it shows off a guy's biceps! Mmm-hm! This guy is actually someone I met at a recent comic-con who, it turns out, I actually went to high school with. We graduated the very same year. Man, oh man! That's all I have to say about that! :)



musclsvg said...

Here, here Bone! Waxing may have it's points, but there's nothing like a hairy, well muscled specimen. It's the same as in the animal world where males have the more distinctive coats of fur and brighter plumage. Despite civilization, man is as much a beast as any other creature. Hair is feral!

Your first sketch is great with the stud luxuriating in the maleness of his well sculpted physique, but the second drawing is terrifically hot! The red mane, arched brows and beard set off the square-jawed skull atop a bull neck. The massive shoulders and awesome arms frame the thick, rounded pecs of a thickly matted, fur covered torso that tapers to a tight waist. Was it a calculated move to place him against the tartan background? He has all the character design elements that would make a great anti-hero or arch rival named the Crimson Celt. If he's an example, I'd sure like to see the rest of his clan! I hope you got an address or an e-mail on him. If you showed him this he might be willing to pose for a series of drawings.

P.S: Is that a J-Bone tattoo stretched across the peak of his left delt?

Lou W said...

Ah, summer! Hairy chests are great, but so are hairy arms and legs!

j. said...

Musclsvg - Once again your poetry with words astounds me. "...thickly matted, fur covered torso..." is just so luscious.
I did get some contact info. The guy Wrestles under the name Robbie MacAllister, which explains the tartan. The tattoo is his own -- it illustrates the old adage "Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" with skeletons instead of the traditional monkeys.

Lou W - As nature intended!


musclsvg said...

Thanks for the compliment Bone! Alway glad to hear you like my turn of phrase. The question remains though: If you show him this sketch is there a possibility for more. Also, do you see "The Crimson Celt" as an anti-hero or an arch rival? This guy is just too good not to use!

buff said...

I have died and gone to hairy chest heaven.

WOOOF. Your illustrations and works of art are so fuckin hot.

Mega hairy muscle hugs wishing you much continued success