Monday, September 20, 2010


I finally sat down and finished one of the Boylesque T.O. fellas -- Patastrophic Sexapeel is the name of this gorgeous hunk of a man. He's new to the team but immediately became a favourite! If you're in Toronto check out the Boys' next show October 6th at the Gladstone Melody Bar.



Mad ZĂ©rro Blog said...

I love your work!!!

musclsvg said...

For what seems to be a rather simple, studly pose, there are a number of things that set it off. First, the blue lustre of the leather in Sexapeel's jacket and jeans. It mimics the lines of the bare torso within the zippered opening. The hands with thumbs inside the pockets pulling the jeans down revealing more of the Apollo's belt and framing the bulging basket. The way very few lines are used to convey the definition of the hardbodied physique with what looks like a pair of 3's for rippled abdominals. Or are they B's?. Are you beginning to mark your drawing like Al Hirschfeld did Bone? It would be interesting to see Sexapeel's act. He dosen't seem to have all that much to take off. Which probably made it even more intriguing. How about an "after" to this really provocaative "before"? Very nice job Bone. He looks very cool and hot at the same time.