Friday, May 20, 2011

Muscle Daddy!

A DJ buddy of mine, DJ Dwayne from a previous post, is running a new night here in Toronto. It's called "Daddy Next Door" (and shame on me, has already happened...I missed the night but heard it was packed! Don't worry, though, there will be another in June.) Dwayne approached me about doing art for his event and I was happy to provide. It also gave me a chance to have the amazing Michael Wiggam color my art for a real live gig! Woo!
I think Mike did an incredible job with this muscle Daddy. Probably the highest flattery a guy who draws Beefcake can get is to be told that a person was aroused by the drawing and wanted to...pleasure himself. This I heard more than once regarding this drawing.

Here's the image as it appeared on the poster. I like the addition of the cartoon Dwayne, also colored by Wiggam. Hot stuff!



techdeco monk said...

As always, great work.

musclsvg said...

Thanks for the great graphic Bone. This is a gym god that returns the favor when you "spot" for him. Add me to the group that found his workout a "pleasurable" experience. All though I'm not sure whether they could be considered forced reps when dealing with such a hot, hard and hairy hunk of male muscle. Your drawing and Mr. Wiggam's coloring would leave any muscle whorshipper sweat drenched, panting and totally drained.

Anonymous said...

I'm JOINING the gym!

I need to lose just 10 lbs by December, and with that hot muscle daddy as my desktop wallpaper, I'm sure to be motivated.

Your drawings are so HOT! Time to change the panties, again.

rjim455 said...

Another reason to love JBone's fantastic art! Woof! You know you got what it takes when you can make guys get excited over a cartoon.

PORK-PIE said...

Ooooooh yeah!

j. said...

Techdeco Monk - Thanks, man.

Musclsvg - I feel like you can smell the sweat of Wiggam's colors.

Debbie - :)

rjim455 - Awesome! That's what I aim for (when I draw Cheesecake my aim is to arouse unsuspecting straight guys ;)

Luc - Woof!