Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Hide and Secord!

Just a quick and dirty post to welcome in the NEW YEAR! Happy New Year everyone! I've been up to my rocket-pack in Rocketeer for the past few months. I love getting to draw Cliff and Betty again (this time I think I'm doing a much better job on both). Here's a little sneak peek at Cliff.

The announcement at Comics Alliance can still be seen here.


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musclsvg said...

What a treat, Bone! Your work captures the era and locale and has the same sensuality and vitality of your drawings here. Does The Rocketeer have to fight for right all the time? It would be hot to see him on the beach at Santa Monica. Or maybe he could belong to one of the lifeguard squads. But our hero would be brawny and barechested and forego the swimsuits of the time that covered a man's chest. To put it in the period's vernacular, he'd be a real "Tarzan" that attracted all the attention of the "Janes". And, some of the guys.