Thursday, May 24, 2007

Peter Parker: Househusband!

Oh gosh, like ages ago a funny comic book blog I check out had a thing or two to say about the ginormous amount of sexism in comic books today...especially in regards to its merchandise. The particular item in question was a statue of Mary Jane doing laundry (click here...warning female anatomy on display).

I understand completely the problems some might have with that little chunk of resin. Especially the thong. And especially, especially the Pearl Necklace ("Tee hee! Giggle! MJ's got a pearl necklace! You know what that means, right?") SO for Rachelle's enjoyment I turned the tables and drew up this...

Now, if Marvel ever decided to do a statue of Peter doing his laundry in a pair of underoos you wouldn't hear so much as an eye roll from me. I'd maybe even buy it (if the art it was based on was decent, that is).

One more thing...the brown things on the floor are clothes pegs...not dog poop. They kind of look like dog poop with the image all shrunk down so I'm just telling you they're clothes pegs.




Fran├žois said...

Very funny!
And sexy, obviously.
Actually, Mary Jane wasn't doing her laundry, as Adam Hughes, the artist of the original art (which was nowhere as stupid looking at that statue), has stated.

rachelle said...

I think it speaks volumes about how shallow my politics are when I say that this is sexy, and the Mary-Jane statue is gross. Cheesecake is bad...unless I like it.

Thanks again for drawing this. It really made my day/life. It was a nice counter to all the hate mail I've received over the past couple of weeks. (I'm not a prude! I used to be a burlesque dancer!) I am 100% in support of pin-up style art that doesn't suck, male or female.

j. said...

Francois - I just now read the Adam Hughes interview. I don't think the statue really conveys the surprise of discovery. One of those cutesy-pie big eyed, round mouth "Oh MY!" expressions would have told the story...but possibly led to even MORE stink! That expression is pretty much a blow-up doll's face. Anyway, glad you found my Peter funny AND sexy! Good natured beefcake is always my goal :)

Rachelle - I'm glad you dig it and that I got it done before the whole discussion had vanished off the face of the internet. I saw some of the comments you got in the thread...that one married guy was priceless. And you handled him with humour and style. Awesome!
Also awesome is that you used to be a burlesque dancer.

Incidentally, I am a Prude. Hence my no nudity oath.


Well, no published nudity anyway...


SONICMAN2 said...

Now this is a great comeback to the statue snafu! LOL I never saw the big deal about the statue myself. I had seen the advertisement for it awhile back and the things that everyone is talking about never crossed my mind. Everyone sees things differently I suppose based upon their backgrounds and beliefs.

Great piece of artwork J-man. 8-)

Dean Trippe said...

High five, dude. :)

Foomf said...

I like yours too, but hers is better.

RGB said...

I love how upset Peter is over doing his own laundry. The cloud over his head is hilarious and Mary Jane in the background smugly smiling while reading is awesome! It's like she's mocking him. I love this picture.

Paul Conrad said...

Dang J....
that rocks on SO many levels...
I really wish you were drawing a monthly book I could be drooling over....


FritadorDePastel said...

Hi, Mr.J!

I already wrote the post. You can see in my blog link.



Scott Chantler said...

Ha! Best response I've seen yet to Statue-gate.

(And damn fine drawing, as usual. I dig the texture.)

Jamie S. Rich said...

I'm sure you've seen this before, but just in case, this is what I found looking for your blog.

The true meaning of J. Bone.

j. said...

SonicMan2 - Thanks, man! I suppose if Marvel had a greater balance in what they did...but as it stands I kind of see how the whole company gets slapped with the "Misogynist" or "Sexist" label. Between the MJ statue, and that Tentacle Porn cover it's hard to defend their position on women in comics.

Dean Trippe - High five right back and a low five on the flipside!

Stephen - Gotta love the internet!

RGB - Thanks! It was fun to draw Pete again. MJ, too.

Paul - Thanks, man! I'm always happy to help a person drool :)

FritadorDePastel - Thanks for the link. My Google translator helped me read it. Nicely done!

j. said...

Scott - Awesome! "Statue-gate" is a great name for it. Thanks, guy.

Jamie S. Rich - Thanks for the early morning laugh! I haven't seen that definition before. I should have that printed on a t-shirt cuz it's totally me, eh? :) I've also been told that a J.Bone is a joint. Most searches of my name turn up a lot of sites about surgery. Oh, and there's a rapper who goes by the name J.Bone. His first album was called "Ride that Pole". Hmmm...I think there's another t-shirt in that!

Good to see you at my joint, Mr. Rich! Hope all is well!


HvH said...

lol... loved this little domestic scene :)

Awesome work, as usual :)


DrawFellas said...

Great work. I love how your drawings tell a story, no just pretty pictures without context.

Banesidhe said...

Oh, this is CUTE. I love the spider-webbing clothesline and the mess he's making with the puddles of water and the little spider-roos. See, this? This is art. That damn statuette was pr0n. Ugh. And yes, I suppose it's subjective in the eye of the beholder, etc. Whatever.

I just think you've captured the spirit of it beautifully and with great humor.