Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: GaD!

The last picture says it all. I'm off on a vacation for a week! I'm going to sit on a dock by the lake, read, sleep, eat bbq'd meat, swim and not bathe for a whole week. That means I won't be able to update for a week because there is no internet in cottage country (at least not for me). What I am going to do is set up a few things to post while I'm away so that there'll still be a reason to drop by! :)
When I get back, monday the 21st, I'll have a whole weeks worth of guys to post.
p.s. That's my dog lying under the hammock. He's such a sleepy little pup.


Andrew W said...

Is that first guy based on someone you've really seen about the place? If you see him again, will you tell him that I'd like to take him out for dinner and a movie and maybe some dancing?

Fran├žois said...

Have a good vacation, and thanks again for this wonderful series.

Loved the second drawing. Very cute situation.

Aman Chaudhary said...

Wow! All your sketches are so awesome! Thanks for posting them. :)

leemajors555 said...

These are all so great! I'm in love with the kid in the socks! Have a great vacation:) On a side note, picked up the SuperFriends comic a few weeks ago, and realized that I recognized the cover pencils; you do a beautiful Aquaman, so thank you.

j. said...

Andrew - Ha ha! I wish! But if I see his real-life counterpart I'll let him know you're looking for him.

Francois - I've always loved the 50's shot of teens listening to their LP's. I figure this guy's listing to Annette Funicello.

Aman - Thanks, Aman.

Lee Major 555 - Thanks, Lee. I'm working on Aquaman right now. I always have to watch that I don't feature him too prominently on too many pages of the issue I'm working on (or on the covers). He's my favourite guy but the others deserve attention, too. Well, Aquaman and Wonder Woman...both end up in the foreground of most panels for some strange reason!!


Unknown said...

Love the first guy. Fuzzy legs. Mmm.

Andy said...

I've been away for too long! Look at all these gorgeous sketches!! (drool, drool, drool....)
OMG you are 'da bomb'!

grapestain said...

H looks so cute. I recognised him right away.