Friday, April 17, 2009

Leapin' Rimahs!

Where has the month gone? I feel a little like Rimah in this, the second page of the Rimah story. Launched into space uncertain of the landing...

I've been working on an issue of the Brave and the Bold comic book...the one based on the cartoon not the one written by Mark Waid. I may have mentioned before how much I LOVE the look of that show.

The comic book is also incredibly well drawn. If you haven't seen it yet you must check it out. The artist is Andy Suriano who is so effing talented that I'm scared to follow his art. I'm only doing one issue so far. I'd happily do more but, and no false modesty here, I feel like the cruddy fill-in compared to Mr. Suriano.

So, after I finish B&B I'm trying to figure out what to focus on next. I knowI want to get some pin-up art out there but also really want to do some sequentials. The Rimah story is short. Then there's the sketchbook to put together. Jett Vector needs attention. The Cafepress store needs new many places to land...but where shall I aim first?



musclsvg said...

Just be glad you have so many artistic choices. I'd put Lord Rim'Ah on the fast track. The rough sketches are makin' me crazy to see the finished product. Also, where do we stand on The Week of Loincloths? I don't mean to be a pain, but aren't there a few more studs with a lot of muscle in leather flaps to go?

j. said...

Musclsvg - Have you seen the new Warlord comic from DC? I haven't yet...but am looking forward to it. Warlord is one of the characters I plan on including in my loincloth pin-up/series.

Right...the whole week of loincloths. I'd nearly forgotten. My mind does tend to wander especially when thinking about Beefcake. So many men to draw, so little time.


SCARCEXL said...

Warlord. When will they finally put some bodyhair on him? It's a shame...
I found myself buying more titles from the Johnny DC line than the DC universe line some months ago (before the cancellation of Legion of super-heroes in the 31st century). I think they really made it: a good bunch fothe Johnny Dc line are also quite enjoyable for adults, and sometimemore than their DC universe counterfact (Legion again)!

grapestain said...

Ooh ooh, draw the dancing sign language guy! In the stairs, but wearing pink sequined pants.

Paul Conrad said...

Mr. J.,
Rimah looks great! And what is the issue # of the Brave and the Bold comic that I will be picking up?



j. said...

Xavier - I'm with you there. But then I'm an old fashioned sort who doesn't like his comics to be rapey or killy. The mainline books are too angry!

Grapestain - Good idea...except for the pink sequined pants. I will draw him, instead, in underwear or perhaps tight jeans. Maybe I'll give him butterfly wings...but not pink ones.

Paul - Thanks, man. But you really should be buying every issue of Brave and the Bold! Truly! Suriano's art really is quite terrific.
I believe the issue I'm drawing is #7. There's a cover out there in the internet but I have not yet seen it (I didn't draw it, obviously).