Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Un-Named Hero!

A quick-ish post today! I've got a book to draw and deadlines looming...but I couldn't resist taking some time out to draw comic book fan RJ Danvers as a superhero! RJ has shown up a few times on my blog as a Guy a Day and as Mr.Natural in the chest hair series. With his full chest of hair and trimmed facial hair he's sort of a typical J.Bone guy, really.
In fact one blog follower, let's call him Mr. X ;), thought Josh and RJ were one and the same. Not so, just similar looking guys.

So, I have no superhero name for RJ. Anyone have any ideas? My thinking with the costume was I wanted modern and sexy without being too revealing. I wanted a costume that you might actually see in a newstand comic. I think the name should be suggestive without being dirty...but that's just me (innocent ol' J.Bone :)
As usual, I had to halftone screen the colour image. I love the retro! Doesn't he look like he could be one of the reserve Avengers?



Adam G said...

Captain Friday???

It was the first thing that came in my head lol XD

He looks rad and sexy.

Well done :D

musclsvg said...

Terrific character design. He's got a great bod and guns like a battleship. You're right he does look like Josh drawn with a comic book vibe. As for his name, since he's bare from his neck to his pubes why not "Torso"? I don't ever remember a superhero that showed his treasure trail, so maybe "Trail". Which made me think of trail blazer and since his physique looks so hot against the red lining of his cape why not "Blaze". The way the waistband of his tights plunges down to accentuate his bluging package is very sexy, but I can't see a superhero named "Hot Pocket". One thing is for sure. A superhero this hot and hairy has got to have "Chester" as his mild-mannered first name.

musclsvg said...

P.S.: Don't even think about calling him "The Abdominal Showman"

SCARCEXL said...

I could see him in this sex-oriented team of the 90's, Hero Alliance. He could bang the whole team.
Which name?
The Flying Carpet?
Danger Man?
Captain Flip?
The Red Joy? (R.J.!)

RJ Danvers said...

Unreal :-)

This is perhaps the coolest thing I have had happen to me since getting into this industry. I am totally blown away! Thank you so much J :-)

PS Sorry I haven't gotten back to you yet, have been super busy this week! I will write you soon :-)

Again . . . unreal :-)

PS I suggest The Unbreakable Bottom for my super hero name! :-)

j. said...

Adam G - Captain Friday, eh? His super power is giving everyone a three day weekend!

Musclsvg - I must say, good names you've come up with. I especially like "Blaze" and "Torso"! Of course the punster in me wants to now call him the "Abdominal Showman" despite your request not to! C'mon! That's a GREAT name!

Xavier - The "Flying Carpet" also a super name. Although carpet suggests someone easily stomped on.

RJ - Hey man! Your name suggestion cracked me up. Here I am trying to steer you guys AWAY from a sex-oriented superhero name and the guy on whom the hero is based comes in with "Unbreakable Bottom". I love it! :)

It might be stupid to ask, but what's the guy's super power?


GrifterWolf said...

Uhm.... hmm... Crimson?

SCARCEXL said...

He should have the same powers than that ugly in Alpha flight, Wyre! He could somehow make his bodyhair longer and attack with them. He was always shirtless but ugly as hell. Now is the ultimate version, deadly cute at last!

Or, as RJ is suggesting, he could have the ability to heal any beaking bones hecould have.

Or the ability to make anydoby wanting to leak his chest. He would have different bodyoil in his pocket, with each a different effect! :p

Javier said...

To me at least, it seems as if he is wearing something a bit shinier than the regular spandex. When you add that to the highlighted rubber soles of the shoes, that leads me to believe the whole costume is a form of rubber.

Who would need a rubber suit? A superhero with electric powers. He shows so much skin because his body can radiate electromagnetic charges. The cape and shape of the uniform allows him to direct the charges with greater precision (like Cyclops visor). The rubber gloves also allow him to handle objects without zapping them.

A suggestive non dirty name... Circuit. Well, he IS a gay superhero.

j. said...

Grifter Wolf - "Crimson"...not bad.

Xavier - I'm not familiar with Wyre, but it sounds like a pretty disgusting power :)
Using body hair to capture villains. I suppose it's only slightly different from Medusa's hair powers.

Javier - I don't know the emoticon for bug-eyed-awe. If I did I'd use it. "Circuit" is BRILLIANT!

Color me speechless!


mac20 said...

Call him Major Furball. RJ certainly deserves that title!

musclsvg said...

Built and costumed as he is he'd have to be super strong and super fast, but his greatest power is empathetic. The ability to understand what people feel and act upon. He's able to use his super people skills on all but an arch nemisis. A villian called something like Merciless or Dastard that is the embodiment of pure evil. While you're at it, why not give him a "normal" friend? Maybe a gym buddy named, Zack LaLane. A stud that is constantly in trouble, but has no idea that his friend, Chester Black(Chet for short*) is really his rescuer, Torso...or Blaze...or Circuit...or Crimson.

*That would make him Chet Black which sounds more rugged and sexy than Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne. It also sounds like "Jet Black"; another possible moniker for the mighty man of muscle. Of course with the name "Jet" he'd have to be able to fly.

C.Edwards said...

Nightfox --cc

Scott Mullowney said...

I like Doc Ravage.

grapestain said...

Marshall Wellington (because of the black and red rubber boots), alter ego "The Duke" who fights for freedom of beliefs (look up Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington and the Catholic Relief Act - little subversive joke there)and his super power is psychological warfare. He makes people feel isolated and unconfident. He's an Irish top, who has a penchant for dominating French guys (see: Battle of Waterloo), and is generally aggressive but quiet.

j. said...

Mac20 - That's another vote for a military name.

Musclsvg - Or the "Red Jet" which would give him RJ's initials. Though giving yourself a superhero name with the same initials as your secret identity is sort of defeating the purpose.

C.Edwards - Not bad. Not bad at all.

Scott - Who doesn't? ;)
(I'm a huge Doc Savage fan so, naturally, Doc Ravage appeals to me)

Grapestain - Another military name...and with some historical significance, too. How about "General Aggressive"?

Good names, guys.
private bone

ChaseWick said...

I'm thinkin Grant Nite...or Granite...or Gra Nite

Johnny B Animation said...

Awesome as usual...its been a while since I have been by these parts :)