Monday, May 17, 2010

Fresh Ink!

This commission piece was drawn as a birthday gift -- I had to wait until after the dude's birthday before I could post it so as not to spoil the surprise. You might recognize the guy from an older post. He's grown in a full beard since the last time I drew him and looks more delicious than ever.



SCARCEXL said...

Is he searching for his light in his underwear?
Devastingly handsome, as usual...sigh...

musclsvg said...

Two drawings that demonstrate how to take a male from smokin' to SMOKIN'!! The first one is more natural even with the thick soled boots and rings piercing the nipples on a smoothly shaven chest. Then the torso tapers to slim hips where the furry head of a treasure trail can be seen. Very hot!

The second is a tatt-branded denizen of the night. Heavier metal hanging from the meaty nubs that crown his hairy pecs and serpentine ink coiled around his thick forearms and impressive guns. Urban tribal markings worn by a hunter that prowls the night for prey to satisfy his primal urges and hungers. His face illuminated by the glow of a cigarette that could have been lit from the burning bush found just behind the fly held half open by his thumb.

Terrific job Bone!! The older posting was great, but to see this stud barechested down to the top of his pubes sets the viewer's mind ablaze!

James Figueiredo said...

HE looks SO WOOFY in the inked version - Another AWESOME pic, J! :)

J. (another one)

j. said...

Xavier - You should see the real deal! He's yum!

Musclsvg - Linking back to the old version was funny to me. The first drawing is so cartoony compared to this one. Love the "burning bush"!

James - Thanks, other J.