Monday, May 03, 2010

Pulled Up by the Boot Straps!

I sketched this guy from a vintage photo. There was just something so sweet and innocent about the guy -- but also teasingly sexy with his spread legs and tattoo. When I get some time I want to finish this one in ink. I'm trying something new in my drawing by adding color to the original art. Just starting simple with one color. I'll post the results after I've played around with the idea a little.

I added some new images and merchandise to my CafePress Store! I know times are tough Mother's Day is just around the corner ;) and summer is coming. Maybe you need a new t-shirt or a water bottle with a loin-cloth clad jungle man on it! (I ordered one of those for myself). At any rate, please check it out and let me know if there's any image of mine you'd like to see added to a t-shirt, hat, underwear, etc... I'm going to be retiring the Vargas image soon to make room for other images.



Lou W said...

Great sketch--looks like a 50's man to me--innocence and sexuality all rolled up into one!

A little stubble, a little hair on the legs and forearms, and I'd melt!

Javier said...

Maybe its the fact that he has an eagle on his chest, like Wonder Woman, that adds to his attraction to you.

j. said...

Lou W - Yes! A little body hair would do wonders (as it does for any body). If I ink this I'll most likely add the hair.

Javier - Well spotted. I hadn't thought of it - but I would definitely color the boots red. I think he looks friendly, too. Which I like.


Javier said...

Yes, friendly is nice.

But then I prefer the smiley J Bone guys to the snarling ones.

Anonymous said...

Never put off till tomorrow what may be done today................................................................