Thursday, June 02, 2011

Daddy Next Door part II.

As promised, here is the next DADDY NEXT DOOR flyer -- in time for you (Toronto residents and anyone in from out of town) to attend. The first night was a tremendous success for DJ Dwayne and I know I'm hoping to make it out to this next one.
Here's the original colored by Michael Wiggam. This one was "Bay Street Daddy".


musclsvg said...

It's said that "Clothes make the man", but the way this guy is posed, drawn and dressed makes you want to see him without a stitch. I know you have a policy against full frontal nudity on your blog Bone, so how about a jockstrap? Or better yet, maybe a posing strap like the ones worn by those AMG musclemen of the '50's? The kind that had barely enough fabric to cover the stud's genitals and was so heavy and low slung that it exposed thick, curly pubes and sometimes the base of the cock that seemed on the verge of ripping it apart. Either way, fully dressed or stripped down, this alpha male is a real tease, but then so are you Bonemeister!

j. said...

Musclsvg - It wouldn't be a tease if I just went ahead and drew it for you :)

The imagination is always more impressive than the reality.


musclsvg said...

The imagination may be more impressive than the reality except when it comes to your skillfully erotic artwork Bone. You always capture, improve and surpass reality!