Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Seems the only time I sit down to draw Beefcake these days is when I'm working on a poster image for DJ Dwayne's Daddy Next Door event. Last month was a Nerd themed night so I got to draw some hot Daddy nerds. I like the muscled, t-shirt guy but Dwayne went with the more Daddy looking librarian. That bespectacled Prof. sure can carry a heavy load.
Delicious colors are provided by the ever-amazing Michael Wiggam!



musclsvg said...

Guys like this always seem to embody the yin and yang of masculinity. Incredibly intellectual while their bodies exhibit a tremedous physical power. The scientist and the savage personified in a single being with a sexuality that matches, or perhaps exceeds, the cerebral. As if there's an inner conflict to create an exceptional body to house an exceptional mind. And vice versa. The "stud" in studious. I think both graphics are really great. While I know you're extremely busy Bone, these were well worth the wait. If I had to choose between the two I'd agree with DJ Dwayne. One gets the feeling that when the glasses come off his body rules his brain. This specimen has so many great elements to him. The senuous line that creates the sweep of his back and the curvature of his butt. The huge, powerful piston of an arm that ends in a big, strong hand. And, there's a riddle. Was it intentional that the stack of books should rise from his package like a huge erection or was that entirely Freudian?

Lou W said...

I could really learn a lot from that daddy librarian...

J, you have all the luck!

Unknown said...

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