Thursday, March 15, 2012

Muscle Daddy!

Lately it seems the only Beefcake I've had time to draw is for DJ Dwayne Minard and his Daddy Next Door posters! Fortunately I get the chance to draw some pretty HOT Beefcake. The latest image Dwayne requested was a muscle Daddy with a fan :)
I went with a common workout scene - young muscle hunk ogling older tough guy. The colors, as usual, were handled by the incredible Michael Wiggam. I'd asked for sweaty colors and Mike delivered!
Muscle hugs,

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musclsvg said...

These two males have great contrast. Even though the gym rat in the background has a bearded jaw the rest of his body is as smooth and as clean as a whistle. You can see that as he lifts his shirt to flash his ab fissures and cum gutters. While in the foreground we've a stud who's body hair gets thicker as it travels down his physique to where the drawstrings on his low slung sweats hang erotically over his crotch. Sure he's breaking a sweat as he pumps his big artellery biceps, but he probably gets an even heavier workout hauling around that huge package of his. Both men are great! As are you and Michael Wiggam, Bone. Fantastic job!