Monday, November 26, 2012

A little Scruff Scribbling

I wonder if I should be writing to the guys I've drawn. At the very least I should tell them they are attractive. I like that the one guy is wearing glasses in his muscle shot!



Paul Reinwand said...

Eh, their rights (and profiles) are forfeit on the internet anyways. Let it be a pleasant surprise if they stumble across themselves.

musclsvg said...

Two great studies, Bone. I'm usually turned off by guys that walk around tuned out. However, for the lean muscularity and the captivating cum gutters I'll make an exception for the sexy subject on the right. Your bespectacled stud is quite a specimen. His broad back and deep chest can't be hidden behind that heavily loaded gun he's flexing. The nipple on his pec is a really erotic detail the way it rides just below and to the right of the crest of the muscle mass. His waistband's downward tilt and it's "Diesel" logo make it evident that there's heavy equipment that pumps high octane in his brief's burgeoning bulge. With his fantastic physique it's no doubt that men will make passes at a guy who wears glasses.

As to whether you should tell your models of their internet exposure, it's you call. I tend to agree with pabloano's statement. I posted a photo of myself on Flick once, but then took it down after a couple of days because of self consciousness. It was a "pleasant surprise" when I stumbled across a reposting of it a bit later.