Thursday, November 08, 2012

Man Drawing!

These two gorgeous fellas (as gorgeous as a hairy chest minus head can be) provided wonderful relief from a day of inking. Sometimes I get so wrapped up inking comic book pages that I start working mechanically. Taking a break to draw in pencil, loosely and without concern for finishing a drawing helps me to see my penciled pages in a different light and ink with greater freedom.



musclsvg said...

I realize that these are relaxation exercises, Bone. But are you even aware of what makes your drawings so hot? The way the lines in the background accent the body hair on the chest and lower abs of the leanly muscled torso to make it even more dramatic. And the way you join the massive upper body to the powerful legs of the full figure. With just a few lines you delineate the cum gutters and curvature of the cock on the double bi musclejock. And then, with just a horizontal line and two diagonals the stud is Speedoed. It's intriguing, hot and erotic. You may be relaxed after sketching these subjects. Can't relly say the same for myself.

j. said...

musclsvg - Ha! Very glad to hear that even my rough drawings excite libidos.

I confess drawing is a turn on for me, too ;)