Monday, May 27, 2013

Drink and Draw!

I sketched this after a recent Best Chest contest at Woody's (Toronto). It's from memory, of course, and represents the final three contestants. I actually mostly wanted to draw the tattooed guy on the right. He didn't win, but I loved his entire look. I believe the winner was the guy on the left. He was much cuter in person (it's possible I was still a little drunk-ish when I sketched this ;)



Javier said...

The guy on the left looks like a candidate for a JBone crochet project. He has those funny big torso-short leg proportions. And those happy blank little circle eyes.

Lou W said...

I hope I get to see these guys the next time I'm in Woody's! You have all the luck, J!

musclsvg said...

I'm constantly impressed by two things. 1)Your incredible talent, Bone. You can turn out great drawings even when "a little drunkish". And 2)The calibre of Canadian men. Each one of these guys is a hot, erotic specimen. They must serve moose semen shots at Woody's because this trio is teaming with testosterone. It would be great to see any or all in finished form(hopefully all). Especially the stud on the far right. His iron jaw, hotly built bod and what looks like a coiled serpent tatted on his loaded left gun are fantastic!

j. said...

Javier - Funny...I've considered doing caricatures in crochet. That guy would indeed be a lot of fun to crochet. It'd be an interesting challenge to figure out crocheted chest hair.

Lou W - No doubt you'll see some handsome fellas when you visit Woody's, Lou. Despite our dodgy weather patterns (this past weekend was rotating sun and clouds with rain every half hour. It was brutal)...despite that the men are out on the street in tank tops and shorts.

Musclsvg - I blush. It's possible the afore-mentioned brutal weather patterns are responsible for the abundance of beefy, hairy men in Toronto (and, I'm sure, the rest of Canada). I am partial to the small-town look which is also reflected in who I choose to draw. The fellow on the right was more European in his dress. But I do love tattoos.

Thanks, guys. I'll try to get some finished art up for next week.