Monday, June 03, 2013

Morning Warm-up!

I've been drawing a lot of vehicles in my latest project. I don't draw vehicles well. Even thinking of them as geometric shapes and simplifying details I still hate to, and suck at, drawing cars. The best way out of a car-drawing induced funk is to draw nearly naked men. Working out the straights and curves of a well-posed fashion model is ever so much more satisfying!



Javier said...

I actually prefer the drawing to the actual subject. I googled him and he doesn't look like a pleasant chap to chat with :)
So what is about drawing the cars thats an issue? Do they want to come out looking like Benny the Cab from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Perhaps THAT is the issue. Just as you have developed a fairly distinctive JBone human figure (male and female) maybe you need to develop a JBone car/plane/boat/train?
Sure they will never be as fun as human figures, but at least they won't be a chore. Drawing should never be a chore. :)

musclsvg said...

I'm sure you're being hyper critical of yourself, Bone. But, Parker Hurley is a much better vehicle for your talents. The way you've drawn him could send anyone's urges into overdrive. There's got to be a big stick shift to be driven in that bulging, striped package of his. Talk about a monster fuck rally!

j. said...

Javier - Having commented on your latest comment first I realized I'd not yet responded her. I mentioned the Alex Toth book "One for the Road". It's a collection of Toth's car comics. I'm going through it to inspire me to simplify and cartoon when drawing cars. Toth was pretty much a master of everything and he drew one heck of a fine car.
I'm working on finding the J.Bone car. I suspect it will be broad across the shoulders and narrow in the hips. :)

Musclsvg - As ever you provide the subtlest turns of phrase ;)
Have you seen Parker's photo shoot in his comic book paraphernalia? Apparently he's quite a big nerd.