Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I don't recall if these were based on any photos (as the past few posts have been). My feeling is that I was just in the mood to doodle muscles.



Javier said...

The guy on the right has a new kind of face for the J. Bone repertoire. So I have always wondered. I might have asked before a long time ago. Did you visualize that face and then draw it or did it come out of the pencil spontaneously during the drawing process?

j. said...

Javier - I love that you noticed that, Javier. I'm not sure that I was consciously drawing a new face but I had been looking through Alex Toth's "One for the Road". My feeling is the face was influenced by Toth's art.

I didn't find the original Superman on the couch drawing but I have printed out the image and will work on finishing it. I'm mildly excited for the new Superman movie(keeping my expectations low because I don't find origin stories all that interesting/entertaining).

Javier said...

Ah, well that explains it. Love Alex Toth. The Girl in the Golden Flower.

Yes, Superman is a mixed bag for me. The first promo pics all looked great. Almost like the original Golden Age Superman. But the more I see, the less excited I get. A bit too violent.

Ah well, I still have my Christopher Reeve Superman.

musclsvg said...

Biceps and lats and glutes! Oh my!! The hotography of these physiques is terrific. I can't decide which is more fantastic: the actual drawing of these two super specimens or that they escaped from the labyrinth of your immensely creative mind. I like that even in rough sketch form they both have a self satisfied grin. Why not? If you've got the body of a god: Grow it. Show it. And know it! Thanks for the doodles, Bone.