Wednesday, November 13, 2013

No Title.

My poor neglected blog. Where have I been? What took me away? Who why and how? Many things have kept me busy, pre-occupied and neglectful. Mostly I just haven't been drawing beefcake lately. I've had so much work to get done that all my doodle time is spent working on development stuff for the project(s) I'm drawing.

I've more or less caught up on that work -- the third issue of Rocketeer Spirit which is drawn by me is in stores now :)
You can read a review of the issue by clicking this link

I'll do my best to update more often. Because of the schedule I'm on it'll most likely be warm up doodles from my Tumblr page.



Unknown said...

nice to know U will be back!!!

Javier said...

Anticipating some regularly scheduled J. Boney goodness.

I do miss the old theme days.

Man a Day.


Lou W said...

You're forgiven, J.--I've seen your mainstream work and solicitations popping up all over the place--you are one busy man! I don't know how you even have time these days to see hot men, much less draw them!

musclsvg said...

Great and worth the wait, Bone. When you say "warm up doodles" is you or us that you're warming up? Glad you're busy with paying gigs, but I'm with Javier. I miss Man a day, Zodiac, Olympics and Loincloth. Speaking of Olympics, have you ever done any sketches of Ryan Lochte? There a specimen worthy of your talents.624

j. said...

Antonio Fidalgo - Thanks. I'm doing my best.

Javier - We're thinking along the same lines. I'm considering a theme to get myself back in gear. It's been tough with my workload. I thought if I give myself a theme I'd be inspired each day to create something new.

Lou W - Thanks for the free pass :) It's true -- I've got a lot coming out in the next few months.

Musclsvg - A little of both, to be sure. ;) But as one leads to distraction I mostly just warm up with doodling work related doodles -- hence my lack of beefcake art.

And so here's where I ask if anyone has suggestions for a new theme. Something to inspire me each day and I'll post the results.

I can't promise anything and please take no offense if I don't choose suggested themes. I'm open to any and all. You never know what'll hit me in the Inspiration Center (located somewhere behind the heart and just to the right of the cerebral cortex).

Thanks, guys.

Javier said...


Well (and of course I won't take offense if they aren't used but...)

Theme ideas.

You did a zodiac but that isn't the same as a calendar. so Mr. January. Mr. February, etc.


Perhaps you could educate the rest of us non Canadians with a little bit of a geography lesson. Believe it or not, most Americans can't name the Canadian provinces. So Mr. Nova Scotia and Mr. Manitoba would not only be educating but a public service as well.


Since you are a cartoony guy, the Hunks of Hanna Barbera might be nice. Some of those characters (like Race Bannon, Dr. Quest, Mightor, Vapor Man, Meteor Man of the Galaxy Trio, Peter Perfect of the Wacky Races, Teen age Bamm Bamm, Fred & Shaggy, even George Jetson and Fred & Barney) might be fun to transform into more beefcakey images.

So many possibilities...

j. said...

Javier - Thank you for the suggestions. I like 'em all. Truth be told the Canadian one would require a LOT of research on my part. Seriously...I could not name all the provinces. I am ashamed. Geography is not my strong suit. It's always the last piece I get in Trivial Pursuit.

I like the Hanna Barbera one most. I think I'll play around with that one as my theme. The calendar is also good because that would lead to a fun little art book.

Speaking of books, I just remember that I've got two book covers to finish ASAP.


Temper Tantrum said...

Love that this is graphic and yet still has movement