Monday, June 12, 2006

Life Drawing!

Today's post contains some nudity! I know, I don't expect that from me and normally I don't draw it. Well, I wanted to post some life drawing today and it's pretty hard not to have nudity. Erasing or covering it up would just be silly and, honestly, I'm sure I'd hear from you guys if I did!

These are from two years ago, which is kind of embarassing. I really should get to a life drawing class again and refresh my skills. Especially considering the trouble I'm having on some of my Jett Vector pages. When I draw characters with more realistic anatomy I sometimes forget exactly how the body should move and what muscles overlap the others. My digital camera has saved me a few times (posing myself and using the timer setting to get the shot) and I search online for reference. But sometimes you just can't find the pose you need. It's on days like that I wish I had a life model handy. Sadly, paying someone to hang around until I need them for a photo shoot would just be too darned costly...and maybe a little too distracting...

Oh, my other reason for posting life drawings was that I haven't had much time to draw some real beefcake. I actually have a drawing of Captain Britain done but his legs are really bad...his proportions are almost gorilla-like. More reason to go to life drawing. So, I'm working on another.
I can't wait for my work to wrap up so I can draw Myles/Vivisector, Phat, and that Warlock guy.


RGB said...

I just finished a life drawing class a few weeks ago. The computer has ruined my basic drawing skills! It was funny because our last model of the semester had the hugest ass that you have ever seen! It was so large that it was hard not to make a caricature of it. I have no idea what the point of that story was... Umm you draw pretty. Later!

j. said...

Ha! Thanks, Eric. I think everyone who's taken life drawing has those great stories. The important thing to remember is that you must never ever get a case of the giggles in a life drawing class! That is just so disrespectful to the nude person with the huge ass standing in front of your class!



Luc said...

Great drawings J. It reminds me of life-drawing classes in college, where our teacher said to us, in her very thick Eastern European accent: "Don't be afraid to draw the plumbing." Heh heh