Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Le Barback!

Recently I had an terrific drawing session with an amazing model! He's a Burlesque performer in the Toronto scene as a member of Les Coquettes (which, if you like in Toronto you should absolutely go see their shows -- they are amazing!) Le Barback posed for SIX hours!! That's a long time to pose let alone draw. Oh sure, we had breaks stopping for food and a few drinks -- but that's still a long time to pose. I got some really fun drawings from the session and I'm itching to turn them all into finished pieces.

While you're checking stuff out on the 'net pop by the MASCULATHON page for some good, beefy fun. I'm looking forward to the start of this series (and seeing some of them fellas with their shirts off. Just sayin'...)



Gus Brock said...

Amazing work, J, as always!!

Mad Zérro Blog said...

Great job... like always!!!

Mad Zérro Blog said...

Great job!!!
I loved!!!

SCARCEXL said...

OMG....can we order one like this for delivery in France? :D
J., I bet once you'll see how much fun the Angouleme Angouleme is for the others US artists we are hosting, you'll definitivly want to come!
Our daily adventures during the festival (Tim Fish's, Jose Villarubia's, Molly Crabapple's, Abby Denson's and others) will be chronicled on the Bleeding Cool website.

j. said...

Gus - Thanks, Gus! :)

Mad Zérro Blog - Many thanks. I loved drawing this guy.

Xavier - Hmm. I don't think the Post allows you mail live goods? :)

I look forward to reading the adventures of my American friends at Angouleme! I've just looked up the dates (27th to the 30th of January) and wish very much that I could be there. It's there another festival similar to this later on in the year?


Professor Locs said...

I just discovered your blog. You are incredibly talented!

Keep creating!

Harvey Walker said...

You know, if you ever decide to head south, I'd be willing to pose for you in a heartbeat. :)

j. said...

Professor Locs - Glad you found me, Professor. Thanks!

Harvey - Are you kidding? I'd love to draw you in the...uh, flesh. In person. I mean. ;)
Likewise if you ever find yourself in Toronto.