Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sketches from Le Barback Session!

A few of the drawings from my recent life drawing session with the amazing Barback (of Les Coquettes). Some I'll be turning into finished pieces. Some, like the second image, have already been tightened up a little in a second drawing. That drawing was actually done while Le Barback was taking a break. Proof of just how much I wanted to draw that guy -- even when resting he was "working".

Be good to each other.


musclsvg said...

These are GREAT Bone! Not only hotly erotic, but also an insight into your artistic process. How cool is that? Whereas Barback is scorching hot. Your previous postings of him made him appear as a barechested, leather jean clad, booted bar god. The kind of stud you dream of meeting and then somehow get alone and naked with later. You really scored though. A six hour posing session! How many pencils and how much paper did you go through? Can't wait to see some of these in a finished form. Especially the third one. Looks like a rough from the "Spartacus, Gods of The Arena" ad campaign. He'd be a perfect fit as the enslaved, near savage, rock hard, mountain of muscle brought to Rome from the far reaches of the empire: The Manbeast, Barbak.

Anonymous said...

Le Barback is gorgeous. Of course, your sketches are too!

j. said...

Musclsvg - Funny you should mention Rome...last night I was at a performance by Les Coquettes and Le Barback was part of a number titled "Caligula". The guys sported leather gladiator style skirts and nothing else. The girls stripped for them and danced around them with the whole routine ending in a writhing orgy of flesh. Oh man, it was hot!!
I now plan on drawing Le Barback in his gladiator garb. Grr...

Debbie - Thank you. Le Barback has been working out and is even hotter than ever (if that's at all possible).


Temper Tantrum said...

love these roughs, so much movement!