Monday, January 10, 2011

True North Strong!

Toronto finally got some SNOW!! I think there's something wrong with the world when NEW YORK is snowed in and Toronto residents are mowing their lawns. I don't love winter -- but there's something beautiful in a world covered in snow! I look out my big picture window and watch the flakes gather, the wind swirling the snow off of rooftops. I snuggle even deeper into my covers and go back to sleep until Spring!
Toronto's Boylesque troupe recently (more or less) performed a show they called "O Manada: True Patriot Lust". It was fantastic. The guys played up so many of Canada's stereotypes I hardly knew where to start. At the top is Mickey D Liscious wearing nothing but the flag (sort of ;) In his act he was actually also wearing Maple Syrup but I opted for the pre-syrup pose
And then there's James and the Giant Pasty in what was a duo skit -- James as old fashioned lumberjack, Patastrophic Sexapeel (coming soon) as modern day (avec chainsaw). It must be the Canadian in me but nothing gets me turned on faster than a plaid shirt.

"With growing hard-ons we see thee rise, Our true North strong and free. O Manada, we stand on guard for thee."



Fabrissou said...

Great deawings !^^

Lou W said...

Love me a lumberjack, especially muscled and hairy!

(No beard stubble tho? I'm sad...)

Blu said...

Very cute. Major Maple Leaf looks pretty cool.

K-Nova said...

These are some very hot guys! Great work! :D

j. said...

Fabrissou - Thank you!

Blue Grey - Great name for a superhero! "Major Maple Leaf"! And what a costume a single maple leaf makes, eh? :)

Kid Nova - Thanks, man.


mrtnn said...

great forearms on this stud.

Unknown said...

amazing sketches, love'm

Unknown said...

amazing sketches, lov'em