Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Barbarian Man!

Many of the images appearing in this blog were created for a friend of mine. He's a writer and more than a bit saucy! He concocted a barbarian scenario for which I created this image. Unfortunately I have yet to complete any sort of story pages for the guy.

Eventually I'd love to do a sweaty sword and sorcery epic with all the cliche Barbarian stuff. As a kid I watched all those terrible Conan rip-offs like Yor The Hunter From the Future, Beastmaster, Hercules, Krull, Deathstalker, the tv series Wizards and Warriors (which had what I thought were cool drawings before and after commercial breaks leading into and out of the live-action).

Not really a barbarian movie but awesome nonetheless was the He-Man movie. I read once that the director thought of the movie as an adaptation of Jack Kirby's Fourth World.

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Zoots said...

I love the fact you call me "saucy," that's so polite of you--LOL!