Monday, June 30, 2008

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday: GaD!

Hey, it's my 99th post and it's also my last Guy a Day post for the month of June. I'm going to aim for the same dedication in July...though it may be hard to post with the same regularity. Work is about to pick up big time. In fact the last image is my real FedEx delivery guy handing me my work for the next month.

I've drawn this kind of guy a few times for my blog. He's kind of a goofy version of a 50's greaser, and totally my type. I suspect he's actually shaving in a Garage washroom after being on the road all night. This weekend's Toronto Pride was great. I took every opportunity I could get to store images of guys in my memory bank (and my digital camera). Those photos should inspire some fun Guy a Day drawings over this next month. James F. requested a bear type and since I'm a little partial to wildlife myself I sketched the above. A guy very much like this was hanging out by a Tim Hortons (very Canadian) this weekend. I clicked my brain camera and did my best to draw him later. I loved his dark beard and called him Captain Haddock after the Tintin character.

So many faux hawks this weekend. That and the skinny jean are the new style that reminds me just how old I'm getting. I hated wearing skinny jeans in high school and will not be buying a pair! The twist that I love is that guys are now wearing the skinny jean with a saggy waist so that their underwear sticks out the top. It's like a saggy-skinny. Basically the shape of an ice cream cone. Hot!
Oh, and I apologize to real skateboarders who may see this image...I did not reference my board but drew from memory. I've drawn skateboards enough to know the basics but not the actual style of board the "kids" are riding today :)

And my dear FedEx man! Always friendly and always a delight to get a package from him.
I hope everyone had or is having a great Pride. I've seen a few photos from San Francisco and New York. If anyone has links to their own Pride events and wants to share please feel free to do so in the comments area. I'd love to see more worldwide celebrations!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: GaD!

It's Pride Week here in Toronto which means heading down to Church st. a lot more than usual. The other night I was at Hair of the Dog and couldn't help noticing an extremely tall, oddly handsome waiter/host. I've never asked a person to pose for me so that I could really focus on drawing them well. And I still haven't. But I badly wanted to ask this guy to sit for me for a half hour. I did my best to sketch him in the little book I always carry around. His proportions were really fantastic...kind of a small head on a long neck and over six feet tall. He had to duck to get through doorways.

These guys are just made up. Though I did see someone with the Ipod arm band which inspired the jogger...and the face on the guy dressing was a guy I saw downtown one day.
This weekend is gonna be pretty busy but I will do my best to draw a guy each day. I'll hopefully also sketch while I'm out at the Pride festivities this weekend.
Oh yeah, last post I drew a guy whose picture I found on the net. Well it turns out someone who visits my blog (Hi Thom) knew who the guy was. Check out Eric at his blog KnuckleCrack Eric is a writer, activist and organizer of jump rope parties. Also, you can judge for yourselves just how off I was on the likeness :)
Happy Pride, folks.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday: GaD!

Okay, so this first guy is probably the dirtiest drawing on this whole blog. What can I say? It was Friday, the weather was lovely and I was in a good mood. I hope you guys don't mind.

Even when I tried to draw this guy again I couldn't get his face right. This is based on a photo I found on the net...since I didn't take the photo nor do I know who the guy is I don't feel right posting the photo.

Drawn from memory, this gardener was working on a neighbour's flower bed. I love summer.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: GaD!

I just realized that, as a fan of acronyms, I should have called the latest drawings "Man a Day!". The acronym would then be M.A.D. as in Mad about Men! Oh well.
Thanks again for all the great comments, guys. The last post has a few visitors from Spain, which is cool.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: GaD!

Another real guy I saw the other day. This also happens to look an awful lot like a caricature of me. But I swear I have not intentionally drawn myself as one of the Guy a Day guys!

What, no Monday? Sorry...I've got a bunch of work to do today and have yet to get a chance to draw Monday's. I thought you guys would rather an earlier update with one guy short than to have to wait until later in the day for an update. Monday might have to wait until Thursday's post.
Thanks to Lyle Masaki over at for guiding fellas over to my blog. Lyle's mentioned me a few times in his columns. I've met Lyle (if he's the same Lyle Masaki, and I believe he is) was very early in my comics the Chicago-Con, I think. Nice guy and I remember disappointing him with my Fruitbat and Swallow story in Love In Tights. He felt it had too many sexual innuendos and compared to the light hearted and more romantic stories that appeared in Love In Tights, he was right. I was a little embarrassed at that and have really tried to show more humour in my art than "sex".
Back to work!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday!

Cheyenne Jackson in Xanadu...I've never seen the show but I saw some of the cast perform on Regis and Kelly. And enjoyed this clip with Cheyenne and Nathan Lane and one with two guys interviewing him after a show.

When I ride my bike through the city sometimes it's really hard not to run into things when I see a good looking guy. This guy really (more or less) walked past me the other day and I almost rode through a red light.
p.s. The first image...I love tan lines :)

Monday, June 09, 2008

GaD: Saturday, Sunday, Monday!

It was a hot weekend here in Toronto and I've got barbecue and summer activities on the brain. Thanks for all the comments so far, guys. I'm looking forward to hearing thoughts on this batch. The last image is a little bonus...two guys for the price of one!

A little explanation for the multiple arms...I couldn't decide which was the best pose and in the end decided it was funnier, and showed the poor guy's nervous frustration, to have all the arms in the final.
Next update: Thursday

Friday, June 06, 2008

A Guy a Day!

I was gabbing with some pals the other day and the subject of how often we update our blogs came up. I admitted I'm somewhat lax and wish I was far more prolific. Common on drawing blogs and message boards is the "Drawing a Day" challenge. I draw pretty much every day but most often it's work or simple doodles that aren't much to look at. Here at Man's Adventure I always want to give you guys some Beefcake, obviously :) Unfortunately my everyday work doesn't include a whole lot of man art.

So I'm going to start something new for myself right now! I'm going to draw a Man a day for the rest of this month. This way I'll (hopefully) update more often and you'll get so much more than just the single drawing I usually post.

What I post won't be finished art but just sketch drawings. I really admire the fantastic sketches Belasco posts on his blog, as well as guys like Dan Panosian, Meatcute, and Johnny B. Those guys all post sketchy, freeform drawings that are really great to look at. Usually I just doodle a few heads or a cartoony bit of nonsense, but I'll try my best to do a complete body every day!

Now, I'm open to requests on this challenge. My imagination is limited...I'm a chest man so most of my Beefcake is frontal. If anyone has a pose or model or character you think would be fun for me to draw feel free to suggest it. I love hearing from you guys!!

So without further blather from's todays GUY!

Oh, I lied. A little more blather...a new photographer recently caught my eye (a Dudetube recommendation, I think). I love this guys pictures. He reminds me a little of David LaChapelle in his candy colours and imaginative staging...and he's kind of a hottie, too. Check out Aaron Nace, you'll be glad you did.