Thursday, March 20, 2014


Drew this guy for another Daddy Next Door poster for Toronto dj Dwayne Minard.

If you're in the city check out his DND night April 5th at Wayla bar. Look him up on the Facebook.

Monday, March 03, 2014


Recently it came to my attention that a guy named Edward Wihnan had been stealing my artwork. In fact he'd pretty much used every drawing I'd ever posted on my blog. In some cases he'd used the same image multiple times. He'd cut and pasted parts of my drawings together to form his "new" images. He put different heads on my drawings, reversed, re-scaled figures and called it all his own.
I found a Deviant art page, a Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and a RedBubble page (where he sold shirts with my re-purposed art as well as a few other swiped artists). They're all gone now. He's removed everything -- or found ways to hide himself from my searches (blocking me on Facebook, for example). He goes by the name "Uncle Deadward" on most of those sites.

Friends of mine have gone through this before. They've been swiped and the thief has been caught, shamed and disappears, usually without a word from the thief. Twice I wrote to Edward Wihnan -- first to warn him that I was about to post what I'd learned on Facebook and second that I had snagged all of "his" images. I also warned him that I'd written to RedBubble and that if any money was made from his stolen work I'd be expecting payment.

Above is my drawing and Edward's (completely unretouched) version. I love that he painted himself with "whore". It should read "thief" because he gives whores a bad name. Incidentally, that face is how he portrays himself in his diary comics.
Below is a screen-cap from his Deviant art page explaining how he came up with his idea for the Spider-Man butt drawing. In a later comment he mentioned how he could "draw butts all day". My butts. He's drawing MY butts!

So I was pretty enraged the day I discovered all of this -- put together the compilations you see here. There are many more images. Many, many more. But these were the ones where I knew the source material immediately. Some aren't 100% figured out. Like the Spartan image, for example. I knew the face of the last guy but not the body.

I apologize for not updating my blog all that much lately. Don't think that discovering I've been swiped will deter from posting. I'll be keeping an eye out for the return of Edward "Uncle Deadward" Wihnan. As I say, he's vanished from the net. But he'll be back. Oh, he also claims to be a photographer but I suspect that, like his "art", is a lie.