Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Win!

A few weeks ago I came across (pause for pun to sink in) the blog of the amazing Colby Keller. Some of you may know of Colby from his films with Randy Blue and other films for grown-ups -- but how many knew that he is a lover of the arts and himself an artist? I sure didn't. But I quickly pored over his blog, reading every single post. I love his enjoyment of the arts. He's got a sense of humor about art and gallery space which the elite may pooh-pooh, but which I embrace! I love cracking wise at galleries especially when I think the art/artist is taking things too seriously (my perception. They may very well be laughing right along with me -- especially if they acquired a tremendous grant from the government for their piece entitled "Pool of Vodka").

I found Colby's blog just in time to enter an ART CONTEST! Yes, I was running late on a deadline and had much work to get done, but I really wanted to enter! And enter I did: With the Colby Keller paper doll with fashion accessories. I'm absolutely thrilled to be the first winner as selected by the Man himself! I believe Mr. Keller is selecting his top three choices and then will open up voting to his blog readers in the selection of remaining winners.

Visit Colby's blog and check out his art! Check out his cute butt! And be sure to print out your very own Colby Keller paper doll to dress and undress as you please (sorry, no nude variant -- you guys know my policy by now :)

Warmest regards,

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Cleansing the Palette!

Or -- what I do when I should be working! This is what happens after I've been drawing on napkins at the bar. I try to translate the guys I've seen and sketched into cartooned versions. When I draw someone at the bar there's usually some characteristic or feature that I want to exaggerate. Sometimes I get it in the bar sketch -- but often it's not until I'm messing around on paper at home that I get that "thing" I want.
The guy above is Toronto leatherman Sean Cribbin. I've drawn him, and his boyfriend, before when I saw them laughing and hanging out at the bar. Sean's got a heavier beard and I wanted to get that chin extension. He looks mean in the head-shot, but I assure you he's never been anything but smiling when I've seen him out.
Oh, his shirt was also riding up just a little bit and that peak of flesh above his jeans was just oh, so lovely!
This page is an attempt at the guy I introduced myself to. It's still not exactly right -- there was something about his strong jaw that I'm not getting in my drawing. The other two guys are Woody's bartenders. Adorable, hot and friendly! Am I out at the bar too often? Perhaps! But who can blame me when surrounded by such delightful man-folk!
And this disembodied torso is something I'm working. It's a paper-cut out doll. No. Not Roger Rodgers. It's someone I've never drawn before and will be revealed in due time.

All right now! I've got work to get done! Enough porn-crastination!
Be well, boys.

p.s. I've labeled this post as "Guy a Day". I've decided that "Guy a Day" should include any post about regular Joes!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Drawing on Napkins!

When I'm out at the bar and I've forgotten or not wanted to carry along a sketchbook, and I see someone who's face I'd really like to draw I have very few options! At a bar, at least, there are always napkins. I've drawn on a lot of napkins. I've learned the lighter, more delicate touch required when drawing on flimsy, absorbent paper with a felt tip marker. How to cross-hatch just enough to get a dark area but not so much that I soak through the layers of paper and tear a giant hole through my drawing. And I've done all of this while nicely sauced on double-short rum and cokes!

For those of you keeping track of my growing bold/adventurous nature I will tell you that I spoke to "Anthony", introducing myself and telling him that I thought he was quite handsome.
Going through my old pictures the other day I found some really nice shots I'd taken of Josh (nearly a year ago now). This one in particular was something I'd always wanted to get down on paper. I've only had time so far to do this rough but I like how his profile turned out.

It's a shame drawing on napkins doesn't pay the bills (or my bar tab).