Thursday, March 22, 2012

Morning Inspiration!

This morning, on my way to Starbucks I spotted a broad shouldered, scruffy man walking his dog. Even from the distance of several feet I could see his abs and pecs pushing against his white shirt.
Would it be too much to ask of the Universe that he stop into Starbucks for a coffee? No. It would not. In he walked and I openly stared - already drawing him in my head to be later put down on paper. Up close he was even more perfect. And I was not the only one staring. My friend beside me (who is, I confess, the handsomest of men) muttered oaths of appreciation and caught a girl at the door taking one last look at male beauty before leaving.
My drawing can't capture that incredible moment but it's the closest I'll get to having the guy in my home. Believe you me I'll be on the lookout for him every morning that I happen to be at the same Starbucks.



Thursday, March 15, 2012

Muscle Daddy!

Lately it seems the only Beefcake I've had time to draw is for DJ Dwayne Minard and his Daddy Next Door posters! Fortunately I get the chance to draw some pretty HOT Beefcake. The latest image Dwayne requested was a muscle Daddy with a fan :)
I went with a common workout scene - young muscle hunk ogling older tough guy. The colors, as usual, were handled by the incredible Michael Wiggam. I'd asked for sweaty colors and Mike delivered!
Muscle hugs,