Thursday, November 27, 2008

Olympic Guy a Day!

Did someone say Gymnasts? No? Well here are a few gymnasts anyway. I'm sorry to say I didn't get all their names. The photos on which all of these are based were all labelled "Olympics". 

I tried to cartoon these guys a little but I can see in the Parallel Bars that I was a little too slavish to the photo. It's an incredible pose and I really wanted to include every flexed muscle. That stomache was so...grrr!!!

We're now caught up to the Alexander Despatie drawings posted on the 19th and 20th. Whew! Feels good. The next set is going to include a few older Olympiads and some fitness models. I've been linked to some really inspiring athletes (Al Oerter, Jason Lezak, and Jared Connaughton).

In other news, I recently saw A Chorus Line here in Toronto. I tell you, a dancer's body is truly a thing of beauty...both male and female. I find that when I go to a show I pick my favourite performers (usually by build :) and keep an eye on them throughout the show. I wish I could sit there in the audience with my sketchbook at hand to record all the great poses. 


Monday, November 10, 2008

Begin the Beijing!

The Olympic drawings begin this week...I've already done a few days of Alexandre Despatie back when he actually competed. Since I am still catching up with my guy a day doodles we all get to revisit those thrilling summer days. I don't know who the wrestlers was a random net jpeg that I used as reference. But everyone knows Michael Phelps, winner of EIGHT (thanks, Javier) weighty awards. I wanted to caricature him based on all of the articles that appeared describing his abnormal physical attributes. Apparently Phelps has incredibly long arms, a long torso, and an adorable grin. Not in the drawing are his supremely quick reflexes, faster than normal pumping heart, and webbed toes.
I've got some great photos of gymnasts to draw from next...and then I think I'm gonna have to come up with some way to speed through September. I've really got to get caught up with myself :)