Thursday, September 27, 2007

IronJaw! Colours by HvH!

This is the coolest! I'm thrilled to post this drawing of Iron Jaw because it was superbly coloured by the immensely talented HvH! I love the fiery background and the textures on the ground and Iron Jaw's skin. The lighting on the axe, too, is great! I encourage you to check out HvH's blog (click his name and you'll magically teleport there) and also to pick up his portfolio and comic book "In the Blink of an Eye". You can get both through Class Comics website or your neighbourhood gay book store or gay friendly comic shop. I've loved HvH's stylish work ever since we found each other through the Blogoverse and I'm really honoured to have him colour one of my drawings.

Oh, and you should also check out Iron Jaw at the link because there are some gorgeous Neal Adams covers at the Atlas Comics site. And I just realized 'pon reading the site info that I actually have every issue of Iron Jaw published. There are only five so it's not that hard a collection to complete. :)


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Follow the North Star!

There was a lot of Northstar talk all over the net last week or the week before. Mainly that his recent death inspired Novelist Perry Moore to write "HERO". I'm looking forward to reading the book eventually.
I'm an Alpha Flight fan but gotta admit that Northstar was not my favourite character. He was too much of a jerk. I much preferred Puck and Sasquatch (is hairy men a recurring theme here? :) They were more fun...although as written by Byrne they did have their dark sides. Puck was in constant pain because of his dwarfism and had to meditate daily in order to deal. And Sasquatch turned out to be a creature from another dimension who inhabited the body of Walter Whatsisname. One day I'd love to do an Alpha Flight story or two where the characters just have some good old fashioned fun! I think our Canadian Heroes deserve it!
And in my story Guardian wouldn't be dead yet!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Play of light!

I had a drawing lying around and in a moment of unrest coloured it up in Photoshop. Usually I light my drawings really really can't get too complicated with flat colour :) And this is still simple lighting but I tried throwing the light from a lower angle. The background is more than a little lame but I hope you'll forgive me.

The drawing is referenced from a pose found in the Physique Pictorial collection. I love those books.


Thursday, September 06, 2007

Cro-Magnon Men!

I've been working on lots of work stuff lately and haven't had much time for personal drawing...but when I do, for some strange reason, I've been drawing cave men. Maybe it's because of the Cro-Mags in the Jett Vector free comic day story, or because of all the great cave men types drawn by fellow blogger Paul Conrad, or maybe it's because I've been watching my Flintstones DVDS. Whatever the reason Cavemen are on my brain and now they're here on my blog.

I tried to come up with a variety of body types and personalities for these guys just as a way to push my drawing a little. I tend to rely on a few standard head shapes, hair styles and bodies when sketching men leading to a sameness. Hopefully over the next couple of busy weeks I'll draw a bunch more thus creating a whole army of beefy cavemen.
While sketching I started picturing a Saber-toothed caveman and had to draw him. I always love drawing the big underbite jaw and this guy's is huge! He'd probably poke his own eyes out with those chompers!