Monday, December 19, 2011


A few weeks back I had the pleasure of meeting musician/comic book artist/actor/Canadian and all-around-fun-guy Hank Pine while he was in town. The plan was to do some life drawing but because of my comic book drawing schedule we weren't able to.

Wait! Before you shed a tear for our lost opportunity to draw together...the story has a happy ending.

Instead of life drawing, on Hank's last night in town we hit Remington's - Toronto's classiest Male strip club. There we endured...enjoyed several of Toronto's finest naked male dancers. In fact we enjoyed them through three sets! And we did it because we fell in love with Rex.

Unfortunately for us neither Hank nor I could afford a private dance. Unfortunate for Rex, too, because he spent his valuable time chatting with us and didn't make a dime. (That's not entirely ture...I did give Rex ten bucks during one of his dances. Right in the ol' underpants piggy bank). We learned all about Rex, from his Irish heritage, to his beginnings as a male entertainer. Plus we saw him strip THREE TIMES!

And we also got some life drawing done. Hank had his sketchbook and we oh so discretely sketched some of the fellas while sipping our double vodka/gin/tonics. When I got home I re-created one of my favourite drawings of Rex and that's the drawing you see at the top of this long-winded post.

If you're ever in Toronto with nothing to do in the evening, head over to Remington's and say "Hi" to Rex for us.


Monday, December 05, 2011

Chopping Wood!

Though Toronto has yet to get any substantial snow we're moving well into winter here. It's cold and gonna get colder. I'm accepting applications for a flannel clad lumberjack with enough muscle and fur to keep me warm these chilly December nights.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gus Brock and Jett Vector!

I've been negligent and not posting on my blog. And I feel the shame of it. It's not that I haven't been drawing -- I have. But I've been drawing for work (and having a lot of fun) which has not allowed for spare time drawing or any un-work related drawing of any kind.
So today I bring you the art of Gus Brock.
Gus drew a movie poster style image of Jett Vector complete with hunky sidekick (wait'll you see who) and sexy lady alien! Click on through to check out Gus' drawing and his process.

And I promise that once my work is done I'll be back to drawing beefcake and posting here.
And a Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Summer Sketching!

As Summer falls into Autumn I took a moment to clean up my desk which often becomes cluttered with loose pages of doodles and unfinished sketches. I scanned a few of those pages and share them with you now.

The latest job to come my way is something I'm pretty darned excited about -- I'm drawing an issue of iZOMBIE! The script is by series writer Chris Roberson and has me drawing a lot of fun stuff (Werewolves!). The amazing Mike Allred is the regular artist on the book and as a guest artist I am in with some illustrious company. The first fill-in was by Gilbert Hernandez, and Jay Stephens provided the second. If you haven't been reading iZOMBIE you should.


Thursday, September 08, 2011

Biff! Pow! Color!

First color drawing from the recent (and last) Dr. Sketchy's session. Robin's hairy tummy and furry legs. The model Robin's...not my drawing of Robin.

More to come.


Thursday, September 01, 2011

Dr. Sketchy's Batman and Robin!

We're coming up on the end of summer and, sadly, the end of an era -- Dr. Sketchy's Toronto is breaking up. For their final session the organizers, Brett Despotovich and Katherine Piro (and photographer Brynne Kennedy) went out with a bang. The models were dressed as Batman and, sexy Batman and Robin. Boylesque performers Patastrophic Sexapeel and Corey Swelling played Batman and Robin.

Oh man...these guys are HOT!!

I used to watch the old Batman tv show (who didn't?) every afternoon after school. I never realized how hot costumed crime-fighters are when tied up until the guys took this pose. Suddenly it all hit me how I used to tie up my Mego Batman and Robin action figures. Robin also used to give Batman shirtless back-rubs. :)

Mmm...that final pose is still burned into my brain. I can't wait to see all of Brynne's photos from the night.


Thursday, August 04, 2011

Hawaiian Punch!

This volcanic beast is another commission (for the same Toronto buddy for whom I've now done...many drawings...all of hot hairy men) I wanted to color this one just to play around with the volcano as a light source. It was my attempt at some of what Michael Wiggam does so wonderfully. Don't worry, Michael, I still need you! You're far better at rendered coloring than I'll ever be :)


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life Drawing! Dr. Sketchy's Toronto.

Dr. Sketchy's Toronto is back in session for the summer! A recent model was the amazing Percy Katt (new Boylesque performer and an amazing photographer). His first costume was very Barbarella space-man and put me immediately in mind of my own Jett Vector!
Naturally I was very excited and tried to capture all of Percy's awesomeness on paper.

I'm working on finishing up some of the drawings as final color illustrations. And now I know if I ever need a model for Jett Vector I can call on Percy Katt! :)


Monday, June 20, 2011

Fuzzy Friends!

Summer in Toronto and I'm already sunburned. The humidity, and stickiness, has yet to begin but the men are definitely out in shirtless glory. I drew this a few weeks back when I saw a a guy in a hoody without a shirt and was instantly turned on. Already my sketchbook is bursting with hastily, and discretely, drawn men -- drawn in haste lest I lose the moment. These rough sketches I will turn into more finished pieces before the summer is out. Certainly there is no shortage of inspiration!


Thursday, June 02, 2011

Daddy Next Door part II.

As promised, here is the next DADDY NEXT DOOR flyer -- in time for you (Toronto residents and anyone in from out of town) to attend. The first night was a tremendous success for DJ Dwayne and I know I'm hoping to make it out to this next one.
Here's the original colored by Michael Wiggam. This one was "Bay Street Daddy".

Monday, May 30, 2011

Man Doodles!

Today - a few sketches from guys I saw out at the bar over the weekend. The new Daddy Next Door image is out as well (that's the event run by DJ Dwayne Minard here in Toronto). I'll post the art on Thursday!


Friday, May 20, 2011

Muscle Daddy!

A DJ buddy of mine, DJ Dwayne from a previous post, is running a new night here in Toronto. It's called "Daddy Next Door" (and shame on me, has already happened...I missed the night but heard it was packed! Don't worry, though, there will be another in June.) Dwayne approached me about doing art for his event and I was happy to provide. It also gave me a chance to have the amazing Michael Wiggam color my art for a real live gig! Woo!
I think Mike did an incredible job with this muscle Daddy. Probably the highest flattery a guy who draws Beefcake can get is to be told that a person was aroused by the drawing and wanted to...pleasure himself. This I heard more than once regarding this drawing.

Here's the image as it appeared on the poster. I like the addition of the cartoon Dwayne, also colored by Wiggam. Hot stuff!


Thursday, April 07, 2011

Hairy Beasts!

Two more commissioned drawings for a Toronto buddy. I've drawn quite a few of his pals, all hot hairy beasts :)
The other night I was in the local convenience store and I spotted a very good looking, stout, bearded gentleman. I stared (discreetly ) and stared because...I'm pretty sure I've drawn him. I thought of approaching him and asking if he might just have a black and white drawing of himself hanging on his wall. But...well, the bearded hot daddy look is fairly common in Toronto and it's possible this guy just happens to look like one of the guys I drew. If only I could have seen his tattoos (if he had any). Then I'd have known for sure.

The guy at the top was exaggerated a bit to take on a more Gorilla-like look! I love a good solid cro-mag brow and jutting jaw! Hot!


Monday, February 28, 2011

Hot Life Drawing Session!

Toronto has the most amazingly hot Burlesque performers! Recently I held another drawing session with the adorable Pyromeo. This guy can do it all -- juggling, stilt walking, fire eating, fire juggling, walking on fire in stilts, juggling stilts, comedy and crowd pleasing. I was introduced to Pyromeo by my friend Katherine, who draws with me and is an amazing talent, too! Check out her paintings.
I'm working on some finished drawings of Pyromeo which I'll post as I get 'em done.

Also, I would say that Chicago has the second hottest Burlesque performers in the insanely hot Hot Toddy and the Stagedoor Johnnies! I'd go to Chicago just to see those guys on stage!

And finally, check out the Masculathon website! I drew cartoon versions of all the Masculetes -- first up is the Bumblebee. The web-series is written and directed by an old friend of this here blog -- Josh! :)Link

hugs to you all,

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

The amazing Michael Wiggam does it again with his stunning colors on my drawings. The first seems a perfect image for a Valentine's Day post! I love the rich red background.
The second is HOT!! The red light up the back of Dwayne's jeans and hitting his headphones is gorgeous! I sent the drawing to DJ/Producer Dwayne and he was thrilled. Check out one of Dwayne's mixes while you get started with your Valentine's Day!


Thursday, February 03, 2011

Return of Josh!

You guys remember Josh, right? It's been a while since I've had a chance to draw him (he moved away from Toronto). We've been working on a little project together which inspired me work up some new drawings! Josh is easily my favourite person to draw. Maybe it's his infectiously joyful personality? Or could it be his love of comic books? Or is it just that his incredibly body is so much fun to draw?

Probably all three :)

p.s. Keep an eye on future posts -- I'll let you in on the project Josh and I are working on.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sketches from Le Barback Session!

A few of the drawings from my recent life drawing session with the amazing Barback (of Les Coquettes). Some I'll be turning into finished pieces. Some, like the second image, have already been tightened up a little in a second drawing. That drawing was actually done while Le Barback was taking a break. Proof of just how much I wanted to draw that guy -- even when resting he was "working".

Be good to each other.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Le Barback!

Recently I had an terrific drawing session with an amazing model! He's a Burlesque performer in the Toronto scene as a member of Les Coquettes (which, if you like in Toronto you should absolutely go see their shows -- they are amazing!) Le Barback posed for SIX hours!! That's a long time to pose let alone draw. Oh sure, we had breaks stopping for food and a few drinks -- but that's still a long time to pose. I got some really fun drawings from the session and I'm itching to turn them all into finished pieces.

While you're checking stuff out on the 'net pop by the MASCULATHON page for some good, beefy fun. I'm looking forward to the start of this series (and seeing some of them fellas with their shirts off. Just sayin'...)


Monday, January 10, 2011

True North Strong!

Toronto finally got some SNOW!! I think there's something wrong with the world when NEW YORK is snowed in and Toronto residents are mowing their lawns. I don't love winter -- but there's something beautiful in a world covered in snow! I look out my big picture window and watch the flakes gather, the wind swirling the snow off of rooftops. I snuggle even deeper into my covers and go back to sleep until Spring!
Toronto's Boylesque troupe recently (more or less) performed a show they called "O Manada: True Patriot Lust". It was fantastic. The guys played up so many of Canada's stereotypes I hardly knew where to start. At the top is Mickey D Liscious wearing nothing but the flag (sort of ;) In his act he was actually also wearing Maple Syrup but I opted for the pre-syrup pose
And then there's James and the Giant Pasty in what was a duo skit -- James as old fashioned lumberjack, Patastrophic Sexapeel (coming soon) as modern day (avec chainsaw). It must be the Canadian in me but nothing gets me turned on faster than a plaid shirt.

"With growing hard-ons we see thee rise, Our true North strong and free. O Manada, we stand on guard for thee."