Friday, January 25, 2013

Back to Front!

Whew! I love drawing comics but I'm telling can be tiring. Not tiring like rescuing people from a burning building or construction work (mmm...firemen and construction workers). It's not like a noble pursuit working for the greater good. It's just, for me anyway, a lot of late nights and trying not to repeat myself on page layout, panel composition and figure posing.
And nothing points out an artist's inability to draw a good likeness better than drawing a roomful of 1930s Hollywood stars and not even being able to get a recognizable Katherine Hepburn. Oof!

In between figuring out what makes Jimmy Stewart look like Jimmy Stewart I sketch muscled men to boost my morale :)


Monday, January 07, 2013

Scruff Sketches!

Two more beefy guys from my folder of "Inspiration". More like a separate hard drive at this point. I figure I'd better get to drawing those guys or else why did  I save their images? There is always something to be learned from a pair of perfect pecs.


Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Hide and Secord!

Just a quick and dirty post to welcome in the NEW YEAR! Happy New Year everyone! I've been up to my rocket-pack in Rocketeer for the past few months. I love getting to draw Cliff and Betty again (this time I think I'm doing a much better job on both). Here's a little sneak peek at Cliff.

The announcement at Comics Alliance can still be seen here.