Monday, December 17, 2007


I bet you thought I'd completely forgotten about the Horoscope pin-ups, didn't you? Well, for a while there I think I did. But now my work is all caught up and I find myself with time to finally finish what started a whole year ago! I'm a little ashamed it's taken me so long to get all of these done.

While this isn't exactly a holiday image it is the sign for least until the 22nd. Aquarius is also inked and awaits colouring leaving me with Gemini as the last.

Putting together a sketchbook was mentioned in my comments and I'm really considering putting all of the Horoscopes into a book, along with the sketches that lead to each final. I welcome any thoughts you guys might have on what you'd like to see.

Happy Holidays, all.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


In between paying gigs I try to sketch from the plethora of "reference" material I've got. These drawings are from those sessions. The guy with the hammer is from the Taschen Physique Pictorial collection.
These guys were from photos found online. Usually I only have time for a few drawings, just enough to loosen up, before I have to start working on something "real" (meaning with a deadline and what pays the bills :)

And now I want to encourage everyone who hasn't already done so, to get the new collection of Harry Bush artwork "Hard Boys". I just got my copy yesterday and it is GLORIOUS! I love the care that went into reproducing his delicate shading...often you can even see the patches and taped over areas of the drawings where Harry would constantly revise his art. The bio info is also well put together. It's sad to read that someone with such beautiful artwork was unhappy in his daily life. He reminds me a little of ol' Alex Toth in his seclusion and grumpy correspondence.
Buy this book or put it on your Christmas will not be disappointed!