Thursday, April 22, 2010

Geeking Out!

If you live in the Toronto-ish area check out the newest issue of SPRINGPLAY! I drew the cover image and a four page comic. This issue celebrates all things Geek. On the cover I needed to show the various "interests" which can find one labeled a "Geek" -- sci-fi (my own personal geekness), fantasy, comic books and manga/anime specifically. The characters are all loosely caricatures of members of the magazine's staff.

The editor, Jeff, (who is also a close friend and the barbarian on the cover) came up with the concept of a universal bar where the Geek is king. The final image includes a model posing as Geeky bartender, as well as a cute bouncer questioning the credentials of the one-eyed giant!

I read the issue last night and really enjoyed the idea of Geek being Chic! And not just the external aspect of it! With the popularity of Buffy, Battlestar Galactica and Avatar there is almost an acceptance of all things which, in the past, would have earned you a beat-down (probably still exists on the grade school level...but that's just part of growing up).

Being Gay AND a Geek in high school (though I was not out as a gay, I was certainly known as a geek) didn't get me beat up but it definitely led me to being a loner. Not that I minded at all at the time. I was left alone to my science fiction, Doc Savage, comic books and drawing. And now I make a living doing exactly those things (Doc Savage will happen one day).

I invite you to share your own stories of growing up Geek in the comments. And be sure to check out the issue! *Which you can download by clicking the SPRINGPLAY link! Thanks, Javier!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Buy Canadian!

Act now! Act Fast! I drew this Wolverine last summer, which was fabulously inked by the amazing Darwyn Cooke! It is now being auctioned, and I quote Shuster's organizer Kevin Boyd - "All profits from the sale of this original artwork goes towards the operating costs for the JOE SHUSTER CANADIAN COMIC BOOK CREATOR AWARDS. The 6th annual Joe Shuster Awards will be presented on SATURDAY, JUNE 5th, 2010 in TORONTO, CANADA at the University of Toronto's INNIS TOWN HALL starting at 8PM. "
Above colors are by talented Michael Wiggam -- the original is not in color. I just thought you'd all enjoy Michael's beautiful work. He sent this to me last year and I'd neglected to post it! Foolish me!
This is the original you'll be bidding on if you choose to go for it!


Monday, April 12, 2010

Feeling Peckish!

I'm a chest man. I could wax poetic about chests -- I just don't want to WAX the chest! :) Happily the natural look is back (along with some horrible, horrible 80's fashions but such is the toll of fashion). Men are keeping their chests natural and it's nearly always the first thing I'll notice about a man.
Though the drawing above is mostly about the chest I also love the way it shows off a guy's biceps! Mmm-hm! This guy is actually someone I met at a recent comic-con who, it turns out, I actually went to high school with. We graduated the very same year. Man, oh man! That's all I have to say about that! :)


Thursday, April 08, 2010

Rough and Sweaty!

This past weekend I watched my first ever Rugby match. Two matches, actually. Though not full games it gave me a great appreciation for the game and the players! It was the players who drew me to watch from the sidelines -- rugged, manly, sweaty and showing no fear whether it came to running the throwing themselves into a dogpile, hoisting a teammate for a line-out or leaping on a sprinter and dragging him to the ground. All with very little, to no padding. It was awesome to behold!
I was itching to sketch some of the more provocative aspects of the game. The line-out is put into play when a ball goes out of bounds. Members from each team are hoisted into the air by men front and back of them. The ball is tossed in-between the two players and whichever team grabs the ball puts it back into play.
If you don't know anything about Rugby, as was my situation until last week, wait until you see what's involved in a Scrum!
I'll tell you this -- Scrum rhymes with Bum! Yum!

Happy Spring, everyone! *

*Or Happy ______ whatever season you are currently enjoying!