Thursday, May 24, 2007

Peter Parker: Househusband!

Oh gosh, like ages ago a funny comic book blog I check out had a thing or two to say about the ginormous amount of sexism in comic books today...especially in regards to its merchandise. The particular item in question was a statue of Mary Jane doing laundry (click here...warning female anatomy on display).

I understand completely the problems some might have with that little chunk of resin. Especially the thong. And especially, especially the Pearl Necklace ("Tee hee! Giggle! MJ's got a pearl necklace! You know what that means, right?") SO for Rachelle's enjoyment I turned the tables and drew up this...

Now, if Marvel ever decided to do a statue of Peter doing his laundry in a pair of underoos you wouldn't hear so much as an eye roll from me. I'd maybe even buy it (if the art it was based on was decent, that is).

One more thing...the brown things on the floor are clothes pegs...not dog poop. They kind of look like dog poop with the image all shrunk down so I'm just telling you they're clothes pegs.



Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ape King!

This here is a portion of a bigger piece just completed for the Toon Fetish gallery show going on in L.A. in June. The piece is being framed even as I write this and I only hope I'm able to get it down there in time. Fingers crossed it'll go over well. I'm in with a super talented group of artists so I'm more than a little nervous about the whole thing. So, the King kind of reminded me of someone although I didn't intentionally try to render a likeness...but I think his eyes and brow remind me of adult film star Damion Crosse! :) I confess I dig Damien's look although I have never seen one of his films...scout's honour!!

Also, check out this bit of awesomeness! Thanks to Jared for the terrific job and to Francois for linking me up with the link!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Jett Vector! Free Comic Book!

This past Saturday was FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! This post really should have been put together oh, I dunno, last week! Shame on me! If you've got a good comic shop maybe they'll still let you pick through the stack of free comic books made available by all the comic publishers. I contributed to a book called the COMICS FESTIVAL 2007 EDITION. It's a little two page Jett Vector story which I'm thrilled to finally see in print!

If you can find a copy of the book I highly recommend picking it up because of the other artists...guys like Darwyn Cooke, Bryan Lee O'Malley, Steve Manale, Michael Cho, Ramon Perez, Cameron Stewart, Chip Zdarsky and many more. Also, pick it up because it's FREE!
I've just learned that the Beguiling here in Toronto, will eventually make the book available as an online download. Sorry folks. I hope you're able to find the book eventually because it really is full of wonderful.
Ah, Jett Vector. How much do I love drawing thee. I look at his thumbs up pose in the last panel and wish I'd fixed a few things before inking it but otherwise I think I did a not-too-bad job!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Rod and Reel!

Gentlemen and ladies (sure, there're ladies here. And why not?) I present to you Pisces. The fishman earlier presented in the January 10th post is in fact Capricorn. Half goat half fish a Merman seemed the obvious drawing...but then I read some more and found out that the fish part of the sign is antiquated thinking. Apparently Capricorn was considered to be a water sign and so the goat was depicted with a fish tail. Modern Astrology labels the tenth sign of the Zodiac as an Earth my water drawing is kinda wrong. That'll teach me to do more research before drawing.

Onto other things...I encourage you all to check out Meatcute 's latest entry. The site is always a great source of new (and old but new-to-me) beefcake artists. I was asked to contribute some thoughts on style and inspiration and am ashamed to say I failed to deliver. Eep! Work and personal "situations" are my only excuses for not finding the time to contribute any more than a new piece of art. Happily Meatcute's owner and operator included me among the three other artists who DID provide commentary. Thanks, Meatcute!

And finally, here is Dark Taurus again now with background. Blog visitor Zpeedy wondered where this "snapshot" was taken and so I created a background. No pride parade here...just a good old fashioned Ranch with husky cattle rustler.