Thursday, April 07, 2011

Hairy Beasts!

Two more commissioned drawings for a Toronto buddy. I've drawn quite a few of his pals, all hot hairy beasts :)
The other night I was in the local convenience store and I spotted a very good looking, stout, bearded gentleman. I stared (discreetly ) and stared because...I'm pretty sure I've drawn him. I thought of approaching him and asking if he might just have a black and white drawing of himself hanging on his wall. But...well, the bearded hot daddy look is fairly common in Toronto and it's possible this guy just happens to look like one of the guys I drew. If only I could have seen his tattoos (if he had any). Then I'd have known for sure.

The guy at the top was exaggerated a bit to take on a more Gorilla-like look! I love a good solid cro-mag brow and jutting jaw! Hot!