Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday is the New Monday!

Truth is I was busy on Monday and forgot to update. So Tuesday will have to pretend to be Monday for my sake. Frankly, it's the least Tuesday can do after all I've done for it.

This is the image which you can find on the CafePress Store clock...minus the numbers. It's from a photo that Josh had taken himself (or perhaps a friend took it?) I saw it and just had to draw it. I especially worked at capturing the scruffy little snarl on his face.

My accident, while Photoshopping, I removed the black layer...and was surprised at how identifiable almost everything was in my under-color! So for fun I'm throwing this up on the wall. You can see just how basic my color is. Nothin' special...I think there are about nine shades and tints here.

Happy Fat Tuesday/Pancake Tuesday! Or just Plain Tuesday if that's how you celebrate it!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Through the Looking Glass!

Some of you may have already noticed this image added to the CafePress shop. I keep changing the name of the image...Mirror-Man, Reflection (for the journal), Mirror Image...anything but "Man in the Mirror". That name conjours up the song by Michael Jackson. I can think of no better way to lose your erection than to think of Michael Jackson. Ugh!

Andy (of Foxy Andy) pointed out another print-on-demand shop called Zazzle. I've opened a one item store there because, well, frankly their merchandise is a whole lot more expensive. But it's possible the quality is far superior and therefore justifies the higher price. I'll be ordering a shirt from them myself so that I can compare them to the CafePress items (which should arrive any day now).
Sometimes when I've finished an image I'll play around with the file; reversing or inverting the colours, making it black and white, applying ridiulous filters. Because every now and then I get something that I like almost more than the straight up final art. I really like the rough blurriness of this black and whiter version and will most likely put it on the Zazzle shirt that I order for myself. I'll make it available here, as well, for anyone else who might want it.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jungle Adventure!

The adventure continues in this weeks exciting episode! Rimah must re-unite a lost baby t-rex with it's mother; the thing is, mom doesn't trust Rimah and tries to eat him! Meanwhile, a volcano erupts and the flowing lava threatens to destroy Rimah's village and it's people if they don't evacuate in time!
Does Rimah make it back to his village in time to help his people? Or does Mama T-Rex make a have beefcake for brunch! Tune in to this weeks exciting episode of Rimah, Lord of the Jungle! *

In case no one saw the update - I've added another couple of items to the Bone's Men shop, including a clock featuring, what I think is, a very sexy image of Josh in his underpants! Keep an eye on the store for new items as the weeks go on. I'll be swapping out older images for new ones just to keep it fresh and moving!


*Before you get too excited, there is no episdoe to look forward to. Sorry. However, that's a pretty terrific story idea and I believe I know how it wraps up! That's FOUR Rimah stories now.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Pin-Up Boy!

This just happens to be my favourite of all of the Josh drawings I've done so far. Personal taste, totally. It reminds me of a Vargas pin-up pose...not in the execution, mind you. The pose feels like vintage pin-up girl, but with masculine curves!

Josh took the pose quite naturally as he curled up in my studio chair. It was just a simple matter of having him point his toes and raise his right arm for the pose to be perfection. I love how his chest comes down into his abs and disappear behind the thigh. I love the bulge of his calves as he flexes his feet. And I love the playful smile and eyes that sorta say "I know I'm posing and maybe I look ridiculous but who cares!" Josh had the same slightly goofy grin as I drew him.

So, the big news is that I've finally got some product up on CafePress! Check out the side link under my profile to see what I've made available. So far I'm making this Josh image the main product. I will most certainly be upgrading and adding more product as I get images finalized.

PLEASE, please let me know what you guys (those of you who order) think of the end product. Tell me if there are certain items you'd like added to the store (cloth bags, hats, hoodies, etc...) Let me know if there's a particular image that you'd like to have on a shirt, mug, magnet, etc... I want to make sure that I make available product that you guys actually want to buy. So don't be shy about telling me!

Prints of certain images will also be added. I think I want to order a few for myself just to see the quality before I make such things available.

Thanks, guys!

Edited to add: I've just added a few new items to the Cafe Press store, including a wall clock with an, as yet, unseen image! xo

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Teepee or not Teepee! or You Loin a new Thong Every Day!

It's Thursday! Officially "Loincloth Thursday"! Today we celebrate all things Loin-y. Looser than a speedo but more revealing than track pants, the Loin cloth is loved for its nearly-naked, not-quite-clothing, almost-revealing-it-all qualities. Popularized by the many incarnations of that famous King of the Jungle, Tarzan, the loincloth is the ultimate in comfort clothing. Won't bind or pull. Doesn't bunch up like boxers. It allows the freedom of "commando" with slightly more protection!

In celebration of Loincloth Thursday I'll share with you my own loincloth story. I don't remember how old I was...possibly eleven-ish?? My dad has always been into hunting and fishing. My parents took us to a hunting club; a huge wooded area where people had set up tents, there was a lodge with a giant dining hall (giant at least to my young eyes). Roasting on a tremendous outdoor spit was a bison! I remember clearly that it was most definitely a cut of meat I'd not yet eaten, and that I wasn't even sure what a bison was but that it was most definitely bigger than a cow. I believe there were several smaller spits with pig, cow and deer. All slowly roasting for the big feast to come.

What fascinated us kids was that someone had built an actual teepee (forgive me if that's not the PC term used today). A real actual teepee with wooden logs as it's support beams, animal hide stitched together for covering and a fire burning right up the middle. The guy who lived in it, out there on the hunting grounds, was an older (late 40's maybe early 50's) gentleman with a greying beard, grizzly Adams friendliness and wearing an honest to goodness leather loincloth. I'm sure I'd never seen anyone outside of the tv wearing a loincloth and I couldn't stop staring. He also wore leather chaps to cover his legs which only seemed to frame that loincloth.

What does he do when the wind blows? Has he different loincloths for all types of weather? What does he wear in the winter? Is it legal to walk around in a loincloth? Where do you buy loincloths? 

This kindly fellow saw us kids admiring his teepee and invited our family inside. It was large enough to hold us all with plenty of room to spare. We squatted around the fire (Is it too cold to sit on the ground in a loincloth?) and he told us all about making the teepee and how you put the fire in the middle so that the shape of the cone makes a natural chimney. The whole time he was talking I'm pretty sure I was trying to figure out that loincloth. He had on some sort of leather underwear so as not to be bared to the world...but I distinctly remember that it didn't cover his butt! I wonder now if my staring was obvious. I was a kid so I'm sure it was.

My parents thanked him for showing us the teepee, we toured more of the club and then ate a huge meal of spit-roasted meats and, I'm sure, some pot-luck style variety of other dishes. I kept looking for that loincloth guy afterwards but we didn't see him in the dining lodge. I like to think he sat, cross legged with his loyal dog by his side; eating a leg of bison with no utensils, no barbecue sauce or salt. Just roasted smoky charred meat. He'd toss the rest to his dog when he was finished, then lay back and watch the stars appear in the sky through the hole in the top of his teepee.

Happy Loincloth Thursday!
p.s. The drawing? Oh yeah. The drawing is ol' Josh as a Tarzan type. I've always wanted to do a jungle series and now I've got a fantastically fun character in Rim'Ah. He'll be joined by a chimpanzee, naturally, though not in the typical "Cheetah/Tarzan" relationship. Fear not fans of loinclothery, Rim'Ah shall return!

Monday, February 02, 2009

It's all in the Jeans!

I like the intensity of the eyes in this sketch. I feel like the pose is "interrupted relaxation". As if the model...yes, Josh again...was just hanging out, maybe about to take a nap and then you walked in the room. He turns mid-stretch and looks you in the eyes. You meet his gaze as you freeze just inside the doorway.
What happened next? Well, I drew the pose and we set up another one. What? You thought this was a session on erotic writing?

p.s. Musclsvg - Loin cloth Thursday! I promise! Mark it on your calendar :)