Monday, September 28, 2009

Rough Men!

What do you do when you're out at the bar, surrounded by hot tattooed and muscled men, and you absolutely MUST draw them but you haven't brought your sketchbook and the bar seems to be completely out of napkins? I'll tell you what I do. I grab one of those free newspapers available in nearly every city (you know, the ones promoting music/art/movie events in the city as well as their own political agendas). Find some open areas on ad pages, grab your pen (which you always carry around in your pocket) and draw, draw, draw!
I scribbled down these doodles at Woody's on Sunday night. First was the new bartender (bottom left) who is just simply adorable. Then the tattooed guys (middle and upper right). I couldn't stop staring at them because they were both incredible, were having a great time and the tall one in the dark shirt "spoke" sign language with a cute blonde chick. All my staring caught their attention (which, really, isn't that what I wanted to happen anyway? :) and the shorter guy and I chatted for a bit.
I'll be doing real and better illustrations of these guys but for now I wanted to get these doodles up. I make sketches like this often and then turn them into proper drawings later sieve-like brain often forgets details and the doodles help remind me of important stuff like the arm tattoos, the fact that the tall guy had the cutest little overbite and both ears pierced, and that the new Woody's busboy wore his cap backwards.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Summer Days Behind Us!

Like a selfish lover Summer has come and gone leaving me with no other alternative than to draw alone. It's true. The days are already getting shorter and the pants are getting longer. I take a jacket or sweater with me when I go out because it can be chilly walking home in just a t-shirt and jeans. I'm extremely glad for the terrific weekend I had at Man-Camp (my pet name for The Point (see previous entry)). The weather was perfect, I managed to get a suntan (actually a bit of a burn) and discovered a new and wonderful vacation destination. I will most definitely be returning next season.

In the meantime I'm buckling down with a re-newed workload, and nearly finalizing art for the sketchbook. I was hoping to be further along by now...all blame for delays rest squarely on my shoulders. I'm picking up the pace on the sketchbook when I get moments of spare time from regular work.

Hope everyone had a good summer (or, if you're on the other side of the world, are looking forward to a good summer ;)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Man Camp! Bears in the Wood!

What follows are the pages of my sketchbook from my weekend at Man Camp! An all-male, clothing optional, slightly roughing it extravaganza! I had a lot of fun, especially once I got up the nerve to actually talk to some of the guys I'd been drawing. In fact I stopped one of the guys from leaving his seat because I wasn't done drawing him yet...he obliged with an even better pose than the one I'd started.

Above is the guy who specifically posed for me. I didn't quite get his features right in the first drawing (which is the one on the right) so I drew him again as he chatted with his friends (the drawing on the left). I think the second turned out better.

The guy labeled "White Beard" was far, far, far more attractive than I managed to capture. He's going to have to get a re-draw and color. He had a snow white beard, tanned skin and the most incredible body I've ever seen in my entire life! His boyfriend was equally gorgeous and we talked a few times and Mr. Beard offered to pose nude for me. I think I may have babbled something along the lines of "Yeah! Buh...uh...guh!"
The leather man was as near a Tom of Finland man as you're likely to find in real life. He showed up to one of the night parties in this outfit and I did my best to memorize the details for this drawing. I can confirm as fact that, "equipment" also met the requirements of a Tom of Finland man. Indeed!

The full body pose is my interpretation of the Tom of Finland dude...he really did have the awesome proportions of a broad shouldered, narrow wasted Tom Man! His butt was so adorably small and firm. *sigh*

And there you have it. Four days of sketching by the pool, roughing it in the wilds of South-western Ontario! If you've ever got the urge to go camping I highly recommend The Point. Weekends are always the busiest time so book your spot early!

In web news, Queerclick did a little piece on my blog and were very complimentary. Always happy to help the boys and their boners ;)


Thursday, September 03, 2009

Toronto Fan Expo 2009!

This past weekend was the Toronto Fan Expo comic book convention. I was set up with three feet of table space, my sketchpad, a bunch of comic books and a bushel full of enthusiasm! I always love meeting the fans of Darwyn's work and mine, signing books and drawing. But this year I met quite a few fans of this here blog...and that was pretty darned cool.

The above drawings were done as commissioned pieces, finished before the convention. I don't take commissions...unless there's an upcoming con where I can personally hand over the art. The few times I've mailed out art it was for a European collector.
The drawing of Wolverine is for the Shuster awards charity auction. I pencilled it while staying with Darwyn for a weekend. He masterfully inked it up and it's now in the hands of the Shuster dudes. We were definitely being cheeky by handing in a Beefcake shot of Marvel's hottest Canadian hero. But, hey, there are plenty of female fans and they don't always get eye candy to enjoy. :)

Lastly, but not leastly, my dear friend G. ;) sent me a link to a site that recently featured me. So check out Fleshbot and see what Brian O'Brien had to say about my stuff! Thanks, Brian.

p.s. I'm off camping this an all-male campground. I've never been but I'm looking forward to lots of beefy men who'll let me draw them in my sketchbook! Excited!