Thursday, August 24, 2006

Blowing leaves!

True story! I did my best to remember this guy and draw him as accurately as I could. While out walking my dog one day I passed this guy doing yard work. I did all I could to slow down as I passed in order to properly etch his image in my brain! I'm pretty sure I made up most of his face because, honestly, I wasn't really looking there. Another innacuracy is the leaf blower...he wasn't using one but it's so much more phallic than a rake! :)

He got something out of his yellow pick-up and, in my deductive genius, I realized that he didn't live at the house to whose yard he was attending. "Crap," I thought. "I'll never see this guy again." Well, it just so happened that the very next morning I was looking out my front window and he drove past in his very big, yellow truck! Perhaps I may see Yard Man again...tending to someone's unkempt lawn!

On another note, this drawing is almost part two of a previous post celebrating the outdoor workman! Part one was this roofing guy and I can assure you there will be more. Just yesterday I rode past a guy checking the wiring in one of thos outdoor electrical box thingies...I saw London and France and more than just his underpants!


Friday, August 11, 2006

Roger Rodgers!

Before there was Jett Vector there was -- ROGER RODGERS!

Back in, oh, 1999, I created a comic book called Solar Stella (for which I was nominated for an Eisner, I'll have you know :) It was all pin-up girl art and cheesy fun. The middle of the book was all activities pages and a paper doll of Stella.

A year or two later I started the second Solar Stella book where I introduced another pin-up space girl, Ta'Li Ho, and her beefy sidekick, Roger Rodgers. I never finished book two. But in the course of working on it I really fell in love with Roger and Ta'Li. Especially Roger. He was my loveable lunk headed character whom I could throw into situations where he might accidently become a book that was mainly pin-up girly art!
Even more years later I actually drew a thirteen page adventure with Ta'Li and Roger...which has yet to see print. Along the way I've drawn a bunch of pin-ups with the characters and today I'm sharing just a few of them. I know there are more but searching all of my back up discs takes time.
This last one maybe needs a little explanation. I'd just found the pastel brush tool in Photoshop and had to try it out all artsy-fartsy like. I may have referenced a photo for the drawing and from the look of the pose it was a picture of a woman! But there's still something nice and innocent about Roger that I really like in this.

Daily work has been keeping me from producing newer stuff but I've still got disc-loads of older drawings to share. And, as usual, check the links to the right for great art and pictures.