Thursday, March 25, 2010

Leather You Like It Or Not!

I'm a member of the RetroMen Yahoo Group and lately I've been going through my picture files, sketching as I go. I may just as well confess it -- I've saved a lot of leatherman images.

There is no need for me to clarify or explain myself. I'm a grown man. I like what I like. BUT -- in my closet you will find no leather gear. No harnesses, leather pants, chaps, biker caps/hats, wristbands...not even a single pair of leather boots (with the exception of one pair of black leather dress shoes). That is to say, I am not in the leather scene myself. I just like drawing the fashion.
It's also a place in the community where one still finds the hyper masculine ideal which inspires a lot of my Beefcake artwork. For my money no one did it better than Tom of Finland (obviously). Which is why, when I attempt it, I tend to cartoonify the image a little or use it as an accessory (like Jett Vector's harness, boots and gloves).

Leathermen also remind me of He-Man toys of which I was a huge fan as a kid (and still am today).

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cock of the Walk!

Summer is nearly here and I am THRILLED! Granted we here in Toronto have had an easy winter compared to, say, Washington DC and much of the Northern United States. With all of this warm weather, and my work being more or less complete, I've been spending a lot of time outdoors.
I've also been incredibly inspired lately and have a bunch of half finished beefcake drawings! I've got a terrible habit of doing partial drawings -- I get an idea for a drawing, sketch it out in between comic book pages or illustration gigs, and then I forget to go back and finish the drawing. Strangely the carefully coiffed gentleman above was drawn from start to finish all in one day. Today, as a matter of fact.

Oh, I in NO WAY endorse the smoking of cigarettes! This guy is a cartoon and being fictional he is not at risk of dying from any of the many cigarette related ailments that can strike you down and kill you!