Thursday, January 29, 2009

Luc the Tulip!

Something different today. A few years ago I met Luc Latulippe through the Internet. Luc is an amazingly talented illustrator who's been working in the industry for years and years and years ;) Seriously, I've seen his work everywhere and I always love it. You've seen his work too, you just didn't know it! Luc is everywhere!

But besides being a fantastic artist he's also a slice of delicious Beefcake! Looking at some pictures of him that I saw online, I couldn't believe that I hadn't yet drawn him. Or at least tried to. He's quite yummy. SO just for kicks I doodled up a Superhero alter-ego for Latulippe, giving him a bit of leather gear and some fancy schmancy metal bracelets. I see The Tulip as a gentle giant of a Hero gifted with incredible strength and an unfailing need to right wrongs.

After finishing this drawing I noticed how like a He-Man toy my cartoonier Man-atomy is. I quite like the extreme proportions but in reality The Tulip would have trouble staying upright! Good thing this is just a cartoon world!


Monday, January 26, 2009

Just Joshing!

You wanted more Josh so here he is! This one is sort of tough guy with a smirk...just to let you know that he knows you're checking him out.

We're working on some fun ideas together, Josh and I. So I hope you guys like him as a model. Not to worry, though, that I've stopped drawing other types of guys. Roger Rodgers will appear in something new (and something old) rather the very least by Spring. Jett is not forgotten! Once I wrap up my issue of Super Friends I plan to use the next month to get Jett Vector back into production! And if I can figure out how to make a PDF I will do my best to put together a collection of art in some sort of book form. I've got so much more art that you guys haven't seen on this blog...and that I haven't seen myself for some time.

This will be the Summer of Bonesmen or my name is Mud!
Mud ;)

p.s. Congratulations, Josh. You've just been given a Bonesmen Blog Label!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Posterior Cleavage!

This post could easily be subtitled "How Life Drawing Changed My Life", or some such equally self-important drivel :) That is to say that often I forget how important it is to draw REAL people...a person who is right there, in the room, with you! I get lazy, though, and use photographs as a poor substitute (although they certainly have their place when creating art and I don't mean to sound ungrateful for the many hours of drawing pleasure they have given me over the years). But when one has at his command the gift of a willing and charming model one would be foolish not to accept.
When I draw from a live model I almost always get a better sense of movement, which muscles flex and those that relax for a pose, and how weight compresses the fleshy parts. I've always had a little trouble with foreshortening, as well, and so I try to draw the model from an angle in order to "work out" that part of my weakest drawing muscle.
I think what happens is I get used to my own visual shorthand, the lines I use for the abs, for example. I like how they look and so I use the same lines repeatedly. Not that I have a problem with doing so but with life drawing I have the opportunity to see different shapes in the body and maybe come up with a few variations on my little shortcuts.

So, the drawing above is Josh again. The Hockey model, etc... And, yes, I actually had him wear clothing for a few of the drawings.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Guy a Day!

Oh dear, my grand "Guy a Day" plans continue to limp we are in the bitter chill of January's grasp and GaD warms it's face in the waning light of August. I had notes and sketches enough to take me through September (probably), but I just couldn't keep up, could I. 

I'm not giving up. August have it's final days drawn, and then I think I'll start fresh with some January images. I can no longer ignore how cold it is. Nor how impossible it is to get glimpses of bared flesh. If you want to see nudity in winter (and you're single) you just have to pay for joining a Gym. What did you think I meant?

Monday's and Thursday's are still my update days, though I'm not always weekly (as many of you know). I'm already really excited about some of the plans I've got for this year. 2009 will definitely see the publication of a sketchbook and/or calendar of my drawings. 


Monday, January 12, 2009

Go Long!

Just a quick little something today. I can't stop drawing "Summer's Eve"...I mean, Josh, the hockey model from last past. Response was positive from you guys so I figured you wouldn't be too upset to see another doodle from my drawing session with Josh. I'll color it eventually. Right now I've got to get some work done. All fun and no work makes me a broke...jerk?

Have a great day, guys!
p.s. He's holding a could I not play off that for the title of this post?!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hockey Knight in Canada!

So I was originally going to use the hockey drawing as a Guy a Day model...but then I ended up getting in touch with the real flesh and blood model HIMSELF! How fortuitous!
I'm not a Hockey fan, never played on a little league team as a kid, nor have any of my family members. When I found myself reading an article about Hockey in an issue of Xtra it was only because one of the models in the photo shoot was super hot! (There's a teeny tiny little picture at the link). I ended up with these two drawings of him which I'll post as stand alone, non-Guy a Day drawings...for now.
I'll say no more until I get a chance to talk more with him. I'm really hoping to get a chance to draw this guy again.
Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday. We're all back to our literal and figurative drawing boards, eh!


Thursday, January 01, 2009

Baby New Year!

I have a feeling Old Man '08 might hang around for just a little while longer! At Javier's suggestion I thought up this little scenario. Every new year should begin with a little whistlin' optimism!

Happy New Year, all!