Monday, June 18, 2007

Toronto Pride!

Hey guys, it's Pride week here in Toronto! And quite a few other places as well, by a lot of blog accounts. We've been having incredibly hot weather here...and I don't mind a bit. Actually, I do mind it because T.O. gets a lot of smog alert days and it's no fun riding your bike when the air is poor. But I much prefer the heat of summer to winter's bitter chill.

Last weeks Antebellum Toon Fetish gallery opening went swimmingly, according to those who attended. Aman kindly shared with us his coverage on his blog. Dronio also posted a link to his Flickr page of pictures. Thanks guys, for sharing those with us. Looks like the opening was lots of shirtless fun! :)

So Happy Pride, everyone. My next update might be photos if I get some good shots. I'm always on the look out for the Real Jett Vector!


Monday, June 11, 2007

Ape King: Part Two!

So, I'm in my very first big gallery show!

I was invited by Glen Hanson to contribute some art to the TOONFETISH exhibit at the Antebellum gallery. I feel pretty honoured to be included, to say the least. If you check out the list of contributing artists you'll find the talent level is pretty gee-golly high! :)

Rick Castro, the gallery owner asked for art work to be (preferably) explicit and in colour. guys all know about me and my "No Explicit Artwork" prudishness. And the only colour art I do anymore is on the computer...but for this show I really, really wanted the art on display to be an original and not a digital print out. So I went with black and white with an attempt to bring extra texture and juicy linework to my inks just to help the image stand out. Hopefully I succeeded.

I encourage anyone in the L.A. area to stop by the gallery and check out the art. I truly wish I could see it all myself but deadlines are more important than ego trips! On the 16th of June Glen Hanson is going to be holding some kind of "Naked Drawing Salon". If you want to go you must register in advance (check out the link to the gallery above). Frankly I wish I could be there for that, too. :)

If anyone does go to the gallery please write and tell us all about it.

One more I said before the Ape King looks like Damien Crosse to me. And the other little guy kinda ended up looking like Wolverine. In fact if I were to draw Wolvie I'd probably refer to this drawing here as my template.