Thursday, August 19, 2010


By now you all know that I'm a Friend of Colby Keller (which I just realized can be Acronymed as F.O.C.K which is an amalgamation of TWO dirty words! Hello, t-shirts!) Many posts ago he put up an absolutely adorable photo of himself sitting in undies. Right away I wanted to draw him! Finally I sat down and did it. I'm a little bugged by my lack of likeness -- especially the adorkable smile on Colby's mug. I think I should have gone cartoonier.

For those in the Toronto area I'll be at the Fan Expo Horror/Sci-Fi/Comic Con at the end of this month (August 27th to 29th). I've got a table and will be selling books, original art and a few little crocheted superheroes.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Getting Sketchy!

I've been enjoying a little break from work recently -- but that doesn't mean I've stopped drawing. I scanned in some of the most recent sketches that have been sitting on my desk. Most were morning warm ups as I sipped coffee and read through e-mails/blogs/picture files!

Below are my studies of straight porn star Cody Cummings! I think he's so dreamy!!
Hope you're all having a great summer/winter depending on where you live.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Showing some Skin!

This morning I got up early, made coffee and sat down in front of my computer to check e-mail while eating my bowl of cereal. Below is what greeted me:
Grant, of Ink and Leather, tattooed himself with My drawing of Colby! How awesome is that? That's pretty damn Awesome! He'd written to Colby and I a while back to make sure it was okay with both of us. We both said "Go for it, baby!"*
Now that it's done and I see it I am speechless! :)
Here is another drawing of one of the Boylesque T.O. fellas. This time it's Mahogany Storm. Hotness!