Monday, November 14, 2005

Monster Beach Party!

Following in the grand tradition of monsters frolicking on the beach I submit to you my second cartoon in the series.

Oh, and you're not mistaken... the punchlines are cheesy. And once again I find myself approaching the frightening territory of the "Furry" (if you don't know what that is I suggest a google search then a cleansing of the eyes and brain). I suppose it's inevitable when you attempt to "hunkify" fictional characters. I even gave the Wolfman a tail for an upcoming joke.

Frankie's pose is loosely based on one of my favourite sculptures, Bernini's David. Even though I didn't copy it I love the look of determination on David's sculpted face.

Y'know, so far the hardest Universal Monster to "hunkify" is also my favourite -- The Creature from the Black Lagoon! He's a fish man! That's not really all that sexy. Not to me, at any rate. The easiest one to do is the Invisible Man!

And wait till you see Igor!


Friday, November 11, 2005

Git along, big doggy!

This is a newly inked version of an old drawing I had lying around. I tried a new chest hair technique (which I think is a "brush" in Photoshop now;) and drew armpit hair for, maybe, the first time. It's only subtle there. The problem I always had with drawing armpit hair is that when it's there it's all I notice about a drawing. Don't analyze why, that's not important. But it is why I haven't done it in the past.

Now that that's cleared up let's discuss how hot torn jeans are. And how cowboy boots are both totally sexy and yet so dorky at the same time. Maybe it's their dorkiness that makes them sexy.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Barbarian Man!

Many of the images appearing in this blog were created for a friend of mine. He's a writer and more than a bit saucy! He concocted a barbarian scenario for which I created this image. Unfortunately I have yet to complete any sort of story pages for the guy.

Eventually I'd love to do a sweaty sword and sorcery epic with all the cliche Barbarian stuff. As a kid I watched all those terrible Conan rip-offs like Yor The Hunter From the Future, Beastmaster, Hercules, Krull, Deathstalker, the tv series Wizards and Warriors (which had what I thought were cool drawings before and after commercial breaks leading into and out of the live-action).

Not really a barbarian movie but awesome nonetheless was the He-Man movie. I read once that the director thought of the movie as an adaptation of Jack Kirby's Fourth World.